The Familiar of Zero F

Alt title: Zero no Tsukaima F

TV (12 eps)
4.103 out of 5 from 14,150 votes
Rank #987

Their relationship has been building ever since she first accidentally kidnapped him from Earth, but, even with all they've been though together, are Saito and Louise ready to take their relationship to the next level? The answer, sadly, will have to wait, as once again events in Halkeginia are running out of control and Saito and Louise find themselves, along with several other Void Mages, pressed into service to save the world. And while any mission involving Void Magic is sure to suck at some point, the suck-age is certain to be compounded by the fact that one of the mages they'll be working with is the amply endowed elf Tiffania. Who may have designs on getting familiar with Saito herself. Betrayals, reversals and the inevitable side trip to the hot springs lie ahead as the evil plots get plottier, the dysfunctional relationships get even more dysfunctional and lots of stuff goes BOOM for only vaguely justifiable reasons!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Louise of the Holy Land image

Episode 1

Louise of the Holy Land

Aquileia's Shrine Maiden image

Episode 2

Aquileia's Shrine Maiden

The Incompetent King Gone Mad image

Episode 3

The Incompetent King Gone Mad

The Queen's Reward image

Episode 4

The Queen's Reward

The Maidens of De Ornierés image

Episode 5

The Maidens of De Ornierés

Trouble at the Outdoor Bath image

Episode 6

Trouble at the Outdoor Bath

Elves from the desert image

Episode 7

Elves from the desert

Escape Through the Sewer image

Episode 8

Escape Through the Sewer

Tabitha's Coronation image

Episode 9

Tabitha's Coronation

The Awakening of Calamity image

Episode 10

The Awakening of Calamity

Louise's Choice image

Episode 11

Louise's Choice

Zero's Familiar image

Episode 12

Zero's Familiar

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MOJ's avatar
MOJ Mar 19, 2012
Score 4/10

How disappointing. One of the best series turned into a cheesy tweenage harem romance. It started out strong, with a good dose of sexual humor to lighten the mood and reacquaint viewers with the main characters, along with their uncanny ability to fall into questionable perverted moments. If real life could have even half the awkward boob grab moments in this series, boys would hit puberty around the age of... read more

nasdero's avatar
nasdero Jul 29, 2015
Score 9/10

I dont understand where all the hate comes from, and i dont understand why some people say this season killed the franchise... ITS SUPPOSED TO KILL THE FRANCHISE, its the last season with an ending that really is one! SPOILER: It doenst happen very often with animes that tend to be 12 Eposides per Season so im Really glad that there is a "real" ending to it so i can close the chapter and move on... read more

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