The Empire of Corpses

Alt title: Shisha no Teikoku

Movie (1 ep x 120 min)
3.473 out of 5 from 1,385 votes
Rank #3,287

In an alternate version of 19th century London, the world has been revolutionized by “corpse reanimation technology” creating armies of undead who serve the living as laborers across the globe. In an attempt to revive his dearly departed friend, young medical student John Watson becomes obsessed with replicating the work of Dr. Victor Frankenstein—the legendary corpse engineer whose research produced the only re-animated corpse to possess a soul. But when his illegal experiments put him at odds with the British government, Watson is drafted into a worldwide race to find the lost research notes of Victor Frankenstein before the secrets of the human soul fall into the wrong hands.

Source: Funimation

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Mar 1, 2016
Score 3.5/10

So I watched the Empire of Corpses, which belongs to the trilogy of works by the late Itoh Keikaku, dealing with all sorts of existentialism issues. The premise is about a world where humanity can reanimate corpses and use them as cheap labors and soldiers, effectively building a strong economy around what used to be worthless. It’s trying to retain a degree of seriousness but mostly fails because of the... read more

NamikoYori's avatar
NamikoYori Jul 15, 2016
Score 8/10

At first, I was suprised with scenario mix in this movie, but i wouldn't say that it was bad thing. The main idea with corpses empire was good enough even when it comes from Frankenshtein story, precisely, developed from the idea of dead resurrection. Sure, i had to get used to movie type, mood and animation to watch it till the end, to be honest, I splitted watching into two parts (i don't use to it), but... read more

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