The Eden of Grisaia

Alt title: Grisaia no Rakuen

TV (10 eps)
4.266 out of 5 from 6,622 votes
Rank #549
The Eden of Grisaia

The girls of Mihama Academy discover the dark past of Yuuji Kazami when the terrorist Heath Oslo reappears with plans to reclaim his protege. Sachi, Amane, Michiru, Chizuru, and Yumiko must orchestrate a plan to free Yuuji, who also finds himself face to face with his long lost sister Kazuki.

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Pretty much a waste of time. I wasn't overly impressed with the Fruit of Grisaia, but I admit that you remember that anime for all of the fucked up shit it throws at you. In this case, all of that is gone - which should be a relief, I know, but instead works out taking away from this series the little that made it memorable.  In the Fruit of Grisaia, just to sum it up briefly, you had Yuuji, the male protagonist with no backstory, enrolling in a private academy (for no discernible reason) whose only students are 5 other girls. Following the typical visual novel pattern, with multiple stories and multiple girls, the anime dedicated a couple of episodes to each girl, narrating a different - but equally horrific - past for each of them which Yuuji helped them to overcome. The Eden of Grisaia can be divided in two parts: the first 5 episodes tell the story of Yuuji's past making up for the lack of it in the first season; and then the other 5 episodes see the harem/action aspects prevail as the 5 girls (plus some others) get together to help Yuuji fight against a terrorist organization from his past. From a character development point of view the first 5 episodes weren't too bad, that's why I went on watching. But after that, in my opinion, it just went further downhill with all those girls senselessly drooling over Yuuji. I know that's what harems are, but there's no good reason to watch this: the plot isn't particularly good, the characters either, there's nothing original about it - so, as already mentioned, it's a just a waste of time.  

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