The Dungeon of Black Company

Alt title: Meikyuu Black Company

TV (12 eps)
3.612 out of 5 from 3,901 votes
Rank #3,770

Kinji had it made–a swank apartment, a real estate empire, and enough cash to lounge around living the good life. After a freak magical accident, he washes up in another world, all but enslaved to a crooked corporation. In a fantastical land where money is everything, there’s only one way for an Earthling to get ahead: make your fortune, by any means necessary! Dragons, goblins, and the occasional dubious potion won’t stop Kinji’s quest for the world’s biggest bank account. The Black Company is open for business!

Source: Seven Seas

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Welcome to a different isekai series. It’s a corporate isekai series. A strange combination of corporate tropes put into isekai series to create this oddball comedy. While the series has overarching story it is still full of weird twists and turns [1], which makes it more like series of semirandom ideas. Main protagonist Ninomiya Kinji is businessman to the core. He makes ambitious schemes to rise up to the top from ranks of lowly employees using any trick and tactics possible. Part of the comedy is his schemes tend to backfire back on him. He is somewhat sympathetic antihero fighting even less sympathetic and very exploitative mega corporation in world, where there are no unions or laws protecting workers. So, for an example the company trains lower management by sending them to a bootcamp, which uses psychological manipulation and brainwashing to make obedient employees to the company. Or sells equipment for hefty price to division exploring dungeon/mines for the company. What is worse the MC has no superpowers. His only power is his wits and ability to persuade others. How you enjoy the series depends how you enjoy the kind of comedy this series is using. Personally, I wasn’t fan to begin with. I’ve read several volumes of the manga source years ago and aside of sense the story is weird and different from most other series I didn’t find it much enjoyable. At best I can praise it for trying to be different, even if it means it’s at times confusing where the story is going. Audio-visual side of the series is pretty much forgettable. It’s ok, but doesn’t stand out in any particular way. I would recommend to watch single episode and if you don’t like it there is no point in watching further. Spoilers [1] Time travelling to the future of another world.

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