The☆Doraemons: Dokidoki Kikansha Daibakusou!

Movie (1 ep x 17 min)
3.629 out of 5 from 12 votes
Rank #3,979
The☆Doraemons: Dokidoki Kikansha Daibakusou!

The evil professor Achimov steals an energy capsule from the power centre of the 22nd century. As a result, the whole city suffers a power outage. In order to save the city, the Doraemons take on the mission to deliver the only remaining energy capsule to the power centre and go there with the help of a girl named Robin who drives a steam locomotive.

Source: AniDB

A theatrical short screened alongside the film Doraemon Movie 21: Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King.

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