The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History

Alt title: Edogawa Conan Shissou Jiken: Shijou Saiaku no Futsukakan

TV Special (1 ep x 92 min)
2014 - 2015
4.066 out of 5 from 762 votes
Rank #743

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This is a tough one to review without giving away any major spoilers and characters.  Thus, this review might be a little shorter than my normal reviews. I can say that I certainly wasn't expecting this, but in a good way.  There were plot twists and turns all over the place, and I found it much more enjoyable than the official yearly movies have been for the past couple years. Plot Two men in another country hire a hitman in Japan to take out a target unknown to the audience.  There have been some background news cases about bombs, and someone who was given the task to drive a truck where some bombs were taken from is under interrogation from the police. In the meantime, Conan, Haibara, and Ran go to a bathhouse because Agasa nearly blew up the shower in their place.  While there, Conan meets some suspicious people and is subsequently kidnapped. Characters The main (protagonist) characters in this movie-length adventure are Conan and Haibara, as well as Agasa.  Ran makes quite a few appearances and does her part, while even Kogoro winds up getting in on the plot. There are many mysterious characters and antagonists introduced, and to name them or even point them out would take away from all of the twists and turns. Overall This is definitely a thrilling watch, and though it was extremely well written, it's not without its flaws. Non-spoiler flaws I can reveal is that I'm a little disappointed that the MPD (Megure, Takagi, Sato, etc) were not the officers who were on the case.  Rather, the police officers were from another district and are forgettable side-characters more than anything else.  Another minus are some of the flashbacks.  To help explain what led up to certain events while keeping the viewer in suspense, flashbacks were used to explain what happened.  While these flashbacks did provide some new information and points of view, they unfortunately also included reused footage of scenes we already saw from the exact same point of view as when the audience first sees them. If they had cut out those parts, or only touched upon them briefly instead of wasting minutes worth of time on them, it would have been a slightly more enjoyable experience.  In fact, these flashbacks is why I've knocked the score down and can't give this a full five stars. I haven't counted the reused footage, but it's never a good idea to include tons of flashbacks reusing the same footage over and over again.  I actually skipped ahead through the scenes of the flashbacks (yes, on my first viewing) that I had already been privy to...and lost nothing in the story. When someone can skip a flashback or part of a flashback and not lose out on the explanation, that means that it's just a time-filler and unnecessary. That's really the major complaint I have about this movie.  There also aren't any huge action scenes (no skateboard for Conan, for example) in the climax.  Rather, it's more of a crime drama, perhaps even bordering on noir, than the typical action-mystery drama typical of the Conan series, specials, and movies. Certainly, any Conan fan should watch it.  The version I saw didn't have an ending nor opening song, so the sound rating is going to the voice acting and the tension-raising bgm Detective Conan is known for. I docked points from Animation due to the use of repeated footage in the flashbacks. Otherwise, it was very enjoyable.

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