The Devil is a Part-Timer! 2

Alt title: Hataraku Maou-sama!!

TV (12 eps)
3.529 out of 5 from 4,644 votes
Rank #5,648

Satan and Emilia find their frustrating relationship taking an unexpected turn with the arrival of Alas Ramus, a tiny girl who fuses with Emilia's sword and declares them both to be her "Mama" and "Papa"! Now they have to find a way to peacefully co-parent without killing one another while dealing with their enemies and trying to maintain their "normal" lives in Japan. Later, when MgRonald suddenly closes the restaurant for renovation, the devil has to take on some new part-time jobs to augment his income, dragging the rest of his motley crew with him. Whether they are running a food stall on the beach or picking fruit and vegetables on a farm, there's never a shortage of chaos waiting around the corner!

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When The Devil is a Part-timer came out back in 2013 a lot of people loved it, mostly because they had never seen a reverse isekai before. It was otherwise nothing special, just another adaptation of a light novel and a 5/10 at best. For a decade many were constantly requesting another season, and were really excited when they finally heard it’s coming. No joke, they hyped the living hell out of this show before it came out. Then as soon as the first episode aired the entire community forgot its existence. How is that possible when they were so hyped up about it? It’s not because there were a lot of better shows for them to follow in the same season, because that’s what had happened with the first season as well (Attack on Titan came around the same time).The answer is a lot funnier than that, it’s because what they were actually interested in was getting another season and not to actually watch another season. That’s what the mentality of always being hyped for more products leads you to. It’s not about liking the product. It’s about getting it and then be excited for more products. That it obviously not true for all products, as actually good series will be enjoyed by a lot of people. But in this case we don’t have a good show; we have yet another passable light novel adaptation.And now for the actual problem with the show that has nothing to do with external stuff such as hype. The sequel is simply not as good as the first season. It had a different artstyle and alienated the older fans. Iit had a lower budget and drove away the newer fans. Its plot was dumber by including a comic relief baby that nobody liked. Its story moved away from the devil flipping burgers to whatever nonsense the author could come up with, which made the show to feel like any other plotless school comedy.All that aside, the people who once liked it grew up, watched better reverse isekai during it decade of absence (let’s say, Recreators), and moved on with their lives. Even the most dedicated ones who bothered to read the ending of the novel found it to be terrible (mostly for the shipping not going the way they assumed) and also stopped caring about it.So basically, everything was against this anime for not doing something better than the first season and the hype only enlarged the disappointment. Just another sequel that failed to live up to its expectations, the same way most sequels fail (One Punch Man season 2 anyone?). It was once again proven that there is no point in being hyped for what is to come, since it is almost certain that it will never going to be as good as you think it’s going to be. You should enjoy what you have now and in case there is more to come, you should have no expectations so you won’t be disappointed even if it’s worse, which it most likely going to be (hello there, Promised Neverland season 2). Screw being excited for stuff that haven’t come out yet, and screw theorycrafting regarding what you think will happen. The less you act like a monkey on heat, the more you will actually enjoy the final product.


the long awaited sequel is here and sadly ,with little suprise, it was a dud, for a few reasons. and it all comes down to consistency, animation, characters and the story all suffer from it making this revived show a funeral all over again. if your a fan of the original then still give it the ole 3/4 episode shot you may like it more than i did. if that s not enough heres a more detailed spoiler free review for those needing more umph  starting with the animation it was good for the 1st and last episode and even then they had varying degrees of quality. even during important parts during the middle arcs never got any attention. i could care less about the style change but with animation since 2020 just skyrocketing in quality its hard to argue how medicore it was  the sound was bland very bland dont remember anything feeling livley nor do remember the music even after just finishing it so thumbs down here.  now the characters are the same as before but the issue isnt a all the time. But certain times their actions never made any sense like one time they a bear shows up and everyone is super scared but they have magical powers and swords, fought demons and angles but a single ussuri bear is what takes the cake.. there are a few others but you get my point,  although the biggetst issue is the story again no spoilers but the flip from "buy groceries" to "save the world" then back to "buying a microwave" within a couple episodes with ,looney toons leave your shadow behind, break neck speeds. had they focused on one over the other then sure i can invest in the serious becasue it wasnt that bad but with the snap back to average broke Maou and the really whack jokes  just killed it for me.  i have to honestly say its not worth your time i kind of wish i took those extra 24 minutes to sleep a bit more to properly sleep because some of those episodes actually did put me to sleep. but if your looking for an extra mid show that doesnt have an ending and you really enjoy that empty feeling of non completion then give the part time devils a go. othewise thats it for me thanks for the read have a good one!

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