The Day the Earth Moved

Alt title: Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi

Movie (1 ep x 75 min)
3.31 out of 5 from 120 votes
Rank #10,568

In the aftermath of the Great Hanshin earthquake, Tsuyoshi, Kazuyuki, and their fellow classmates find their community in ruins. As they each quickly come to realize personal tragedy, they must find the resolve to move on with their lives. Along the way they find a community which, while battered, is resolved in its will to help and take care of each other. In the midst of hopelessness and fear, this community will roll up its sleeves and rebuild itself, one step at a time.

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The Day the Earth Moved makes you really appreciate life and your basic needs being fulfilled every day. The concept of 'you're not promised tomorrow' is quite frankly terrifying. I could get hit by a car, have a work accident, or be crushed under my own house in an earthquake and I'd never see it coming. It can be crushing to wonder about these infinite possibilities, so this movie explores the importance of being kind, proactive, and positive in the limited day we have together. Ironically, it's in being so positive that I find fault with this show. My main beef is with some of its morals. On one hand you have them preaching directly about the necessity of helping people (and dissing on Japan's cheap infrastructure of the time causing more lives to be lost), which is fine - learning from our mistakes is great! But on the other you have numerous people all telling a grieving child to "keep smiling, I need you to try your best to graduate with me" and to essentially toss all heart to the wind and get over the watching your father die part in a matter of days. With as much as we're talking about helping others left and right, I didn't understand why being reasonably depressed wasn't reasonable. Yes don't let it destroy you forever, but man this kid didn't even get to have a funeral for his dad... I picked this up because I was in a mood to be emotionally wrecked. As crappy as this was I still cried a bit, but only from paralleling the situation to my own life, and I wouldn't say it delivered enough impact for me to even remmeber this when I wake up. For an actually solid, traumatic earthquake tale that'll leave you in piles of rubble, I recommend Tokyo Magnitude 8.0! 

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