The Day I Became a God

Alt title: Kamisama ni Natta hi

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2020
3.551 out of 5 from 3,033 votes
Rank #4,354

Yota Narukami is a high schooler who planned to spend his last summer vacation like most others: preparing for his university entrance exams. But when a young girl named Hina approaches him saying she’s a god, his summer vacation suddenly becomes anything but ordinary.

Source: Funimation

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“From the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” Matthew 25:29 Jun Maeda, one of the most iconic anime composers of the 21st century, has managed to take all the goodwill that he’s accumulated from his work on critically acclaimed shows such as Clannad After Story and Angel Beats! and burn it down faster than Heath Ledger’s Joker burns down the mountain of money in The Dark Knight. Many anime fans have asked me, “Is The Day I Became a God (Kami Natta) really that bad?” The short answer is yes. For the long answer I can direct you towards the discussions of each individual episode on the Anime Planet forum going into excruciating detail about why this show fails at nearly everything it tries. For the medium answer, I’ll try to give you one in the form of a few summarized bullet points in this review. The story was a complete waste of time. Jun Maeda’s works are infamous for having throwaway episodes that don’t advance the plot or develop character, even a 12 episode series, and then trying to cram the “main plot” into a handful of episodes at the end. Kami Natta takes this to an extreme that I’ve never seen in anime before. It has an episode entirely focused on the intricacies of Majong with absolutely no explanation for those who don’t play the game. Did this become a major plot point later that justified spending an entire episode on it? Absolutely not! The “main plot” stays unexplained for nearly ¾ of the anime and when it finally does come to the forefront, it was not worth the buildup. Any attempts at creating genuine emotional moments were either wasted on making a cheap joke or simply fell flat since the characters were so unlikable that the audience had no investment in them. The characters had no redeeming qualities. Those who have watched the anime, I challenge you to name a single good quality about any one of the main characters. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Yota is so generic he makes Makoto Shinkai’s male MCs look unique. Hina is like that friend who thinks she’s funny but is actually just annoying and embarrassing but you don’t want to tell her because when she gets mad it ruins your day. Every other character basically has no personality or is a copy-paste of a well known anime character trope. SPOILER SECTION FOR THE LAST FEW EPISODES: Even the most interesting part of the anime, Yota trying to get Hina to remember him, was contrived and cliche. It was nothing that we haven’t seen done better in other anime or other media. Just take your pick from the whole Amnesiac Lover TV Tropes Page, which includes an example from one of Jun Maeda’s previous works. If done well, trying to have Yota develop a relationship with Hina under her new circumstances, having to change himself to meet her new condition had the potential to be something interesting, but instead the writers just decided to go for the most uninspired, typical, “I remember the MC now and I love him for no particular reason” route. The production was mediocre at best. The animation was average by today’s standards. P.A. Works anime have remained virtually unchanged since 2010. The best bits of animation were in the “movie within the anime” which sadly looked like a much more interesting way of presenting the same story than what we actually got. The music was a total mess, which is disappointing for an anime created by someone who’s mainly a musician/composer. The music was used to set up dumb gags rather than facilitate genuinely emotional scenes, so often that by the end the audience can’t trust the music that they hear. There was nothing particularly memorable about the music outside the context of the anime either. It was about as ordinary as it could be. The voice acting was fine considering the script the actors had to work with, but no one stood out as exceptionally good. In summary, the most popular clip of this anime was a scene where Hina says that she’s “So loli that [she] can practically kill a virgin.” If you somehow find this out of context scene funny (believe me, it gets no better in context), then maybe Kami Natta’s dumb jokes will make you laugh at least. Otherwise, be prepared for one of the most migraine inducing, frustrating, disappointing viewing experiences that you’ll ever have. My recommendation is that you don’t even bother, and that you be wary of any anime that Jun Maeda attaches his name to going forward.


so this show is let's spot the human rights violations game! Welcome peoples to the average viewers reveiws l'll be quick for the whole thing because seriously this show was awful, and not the cute heart wrenching awful but like "I lobotomies children awful". People please the day I became a god is truly not worth your time. Any 3-4 episodes test does not justify the horrible last 3 episodes. If you just like smacking your head like the naked gun meme for 12 episodes straight then by all means watch it. Now to the rapid fire detail reveiw. (I'll be fair I promise) no spoilers to animation was actually the bright spot and probably what drew so many people, despite my disdain for the story the animation was great.  the sound was good too and the music along with it.  and the characters where mostly entertaining as well but sadly all I can say are small compliments because of the awfully story. If Not for the last three epsidoes "the day i became a god" would have been much better (should the last 3-4 epsidoes been not a dumpster fire) really if I have to sum it up if you bundle the entire year of 2020 which is safe to say has been a pretty uhhh bummer year for most of the world the ending of this show was almost on par. It truly ruins the show.  that's all I have to say for the review portion please don't watch this it's not worth your time, at least Charlotte had an air of fantasy about its ending.  discussion time people!! Here's what I want to know. WHY did they think that a fully cognizant human being lobotomized and making them either an toddler or autistic (and I mean that in the most honest way possible not to be rude to anyone who is special needs)also isn't the characters reaction just to uhh passive. If anybody I knew had something like this happen to them I would raise hell for retribution. Seriously who thought that this would be okay what kind of sick writer would be like "shucks this will make them cry" HELL NO I was horrified that anyone thought that this was sweet of an ending or tear jerking. Whatever message the show was trying to put out was ruined by the idea that another human being essentially lobotomiezed the brain of a child and no one thought this was a bad idea? Really despit all the melodramatic crap from epsidoes 1-8/9 I could have sifted through but man that last arc was so mind boggling to watch I really couldn't believe what I was watching. 

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