The Case of Hana & Alice

Alt title: Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
3.545 out of 5 from 758 votes
Rank #5,341

When Alice transfers to a new middle school, she hears an urban legend about a student who disappeared the previous year and is suspected to have been killed by his fellow students. Even worse, Alice discovers that she lives next door to his former house, a supposedly haunted home now occupied by a reclusive classmate named Hana. Hana and Alice decide to investigate this "murder case" together, but soon find their lack of detective skills may be an obstacle...

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Story Hana to Alice is the story of a girl by the name of Tetsuko Arisugawa who has moved to a new city with her mother as a result of her parents’ divorce. From the beginning we learn that Testuko is closely watched by a neighbor whose identity is not quite clear. In attending her new school we learn that there is some mystery surrounding a former student as the class believes that a murder took place in the school and that his spirit is somehow still lingering in the “real” world. Testuko ends up investigating the mystery with the help of the mysterious neighbor of hers. The story plot was intriguing because it was not clear right from the bat what direction the main idea would take. The movie had a nice premise that was engaging and left the audience wondering what would be next. The pace was very good but there were a lot of scenes/events that did not really served a purpose. In addition, the ending was not as good as I would have liked. Nonetheless, the ending did tied all the loose ends. Animation The animation was good. The movie came out in 2015 and we see good quality in the graphics but the overall drawing was not as good as others seen in the last 5 years or so where vivid colors are used. The character design was a bit bland but somehow this made the story a bit more “realistic” (I mean, you don’t see people with pink eyes and purple hair in real life). Sound The soundtrack was okay, not great. I actually laughed big time while listening to the lyrics for the ending song in English. Characters I grew to like Testsuko. She had a very friendly personality and was a bit more mature that her peers. She seemed very independent and witty in her own way. The other main character is Hana. She struggles with the guilt she feels due to a rumor that came about after she did something mean to someone she cared about. Due to this guilt, she becomes isolated from others at her own free will. It’s hard to describe her without ruining the plot but she was great character to the story. Overall I enjoyed watching this movie to kill time. People who enjoy some mystery and high school life may like it. The movie is not difficult to follow as the plot is rather simplistic. I think the characters are gold but the animation and sound are not to pair. 

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