The Buried Tree Devil

Alt titles: Daomu Biji Zhi Qinling Shen Shu, Qinling Shen Shu

Web (12 eps x 23 min)
3.658 out of 5 from 62 votes
Rank #3,631

After returning to Hangzhou after two adventures in Nangsha, Wu Xie receives a call from his childhood friend Lao Yang who he hasn't met for a long time. He proceeds to describe to Wu Xie his experience in the backland of Qinling Mountain three years ago. He intends to invite Wu Xie to visit the ancient relics there again. During their adventure, Wu Xie and Lao Yang witness a huge Hucho taiman, a grand underground fall, a myterious old tree of millions of years old, etc. What's more surprising is that Zhang Qi Ling, who has been elusive, helps Wu Xie in secret.

Source: Tencent

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