The Betrayal Knows My Name

Alt title: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

TV (24 eps)
3.686 out of 5 from 5,398 votes
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Abandoned outside an orphanage when he was just a baby, Yuki is a boy with no idea where he came from or who he really is. Now in high school, the teen is plagued by odd dreams, death threats and an ability to see the negativity that dwells within people's hearts. One night after being lured into a trap, a mysterious and handsome man named Zess saves Yuki from being killed before disappearing into the night. Then, with the sudden arrival of his long-lost brother, the orphan finds himself pulled into a new world where he can not only learn about his powers and how to control them, but also becomes aware of the evils that lurk in the darkness. Can Yuki finally find the place he truly belongs, and just why is Zess so protective over the young boy?

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Story: I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this, but does this anime even have a plot? From what I can gather the entire story revolves around a gender confused orphan who cries more than Mira Munakata and falls in love with every male who happens to wander within twenty feet of him. If that isn't bad enough, none of these 'romances' even go anywhere. There is so little emotion throughout the series that I have a hard time believing the characters even have emotions, let alone the fact that this anime is a shounen-ai. I suffered the entire series in the desperate hope that the two main love interests would get together. But no. Of course they wouldn't. And I assure you that none of this is based off of my one sided opinion (unfortunately). This anime served as a jarring introduction into shounen-ai for my sister. Let's just say she's been obsessed with shoujo-ai ever since. Oh, the plot also involves demons. Although I'm still not entirely sure how. Animation: The animation would have actually been the high point of this anime if the animators hadn't decided to clutter every frame with chains and roses. I'm not even kidding. The intro looks as if it was drawn by the author of Fifty Shades of Grey. On top of that, they decided to fill what was left of the screen with dull character designs that were all almost identical. I gave up trying to differentiate between the characters half way through the second episode. If you insist on watching this I suggest you do the same. Sound: I can sum this up in one word: forgettable. To be perfectly honest I can't actually remember if they even have any background music in the series. On Wikipedia it says that all the scores for the show were written by someone named Shōgo Kaida. The producers should have fired him while they had the chance. Although to be fair the voice actor for Yuki portrayed his bitchy, pathetic character perfectly. Characters I'm not sure where to start on the balls up they passed off for character designs. There were basically two groups of characters in the anime; the guys who were gay and the guys who should have been gay. But here, have a Wikilist. I gave you this not because I don't have the space or time to talk about all the characters, but simply because I have no idea who the hell half of them are. Who is Elegy? Is she even in the show?! But then again I don't really know any of the females even though there were literally only four of them in the whole anime. Please don't ask me what their names are; I have no idea (unless you count Yuki who isn't even a girl anymore... apparently). Overall: I would rather relive the embarrassing horror that was my eighth grade spring fling than rewatch this anime. I suggest you do the same. Watching me push a glass pillar onto my crush is far more entertaining than the poorly put together premise (and I use that word in the loosest sense of the term) that forms the basis of Uraboku.


Story: The story was captivating and held my attention all the way through from beginning to end. It was well thought out and creative. The only issue is the ending ... that's the reason it gets a 7. It began with a young high school boy named Sakurai Yuki who'd been abandoned at an orphanage as a baby, where he subsequently grew up. After nearly being killed he is saved by a mysterious man calling himself Zess. Shortly thereafter a man claiming to be his brother appears at the orphanage wanting Yuki to go live with him in Tokyo. Certain circumstances appear and Yuki takes the man up on his offer. When he arrives in Tokyo he finds himself immersed in a world far beyond anything he'd ever imagined. A world with demons and supernatural powers. Yuki learns that he himself possesses a unique power that will help his new family defeat the evil that is trying to wipe out humanity. With a new resolve, and the mysterious man called Luka (Zess) at his side Yuki decides to assist his new family, but his resolve is quickly put to the test when he comes face to face with someone from his past... Animation: The animation was wonderful and fit perfectly. The characters where beautifully drawn and the backrounds were fresh, clean, and infinitly lovely. Sound: The music in this anime was some of the best I've ever heard, especially the opening which is, quite frankly, my favorite opening EVER! The voice acting was superbly done and fit the characters to perfection! Characters: The characters, to me, are one of the things that make this anime so enjoyable. There are a many characters in Uraboku and I enjoyed how they interacted and how they played off one another. I have to say though that Luka was the one that stood out the most to me and is, of course, one of my all time favorites! He is a very compelling character who stole every scene that he was in. I just couldn't help but stare at him! xD Overall: A splendid anime that I greatly enjoyed! I highly reccommend! And on a side note, I do hope that they one day do a second season. This anime was a very enjoyable watch and deserves another season!


Ahh, the anime with the long name I cannot pronounce.Let's call it Uraboku, as that's a lot easier on the keyboard.My, my. I have been around Anime for a while now and I was quite disappointed in the 2010 line-up so far. In a bored moment I turned on Uraboku, because of the Animation and Shounen-ai element.Boy was I in for a treat.The story starts out a bit cliché (a bit? try a lot.) with a normal high school student with powers he cannot control. He was abandoned at a young age and cannot handle the loneliness in his heart. Until one day a long haired man appears at the Orphanage he lives and claims to be his brother.Ofcourse, with every good anime, there is always a twist. This man also has powers, along with several others of the clan our normal high school student Yuki belongs to.I won't give away too much of the story, but this is a treat for any shounen fan. Uraboku is about reincarnation, the bond between souls and eternal love. All wrapped up in a dark atmosphere, goose bump worthy action and animation to die for.The shounen-ai element in this anime seems obvious at first, but withers away after you learn the true story behind Yuki and his Luka. I made my shounen/action addicted boyfriend watch this anime and even he, manly as he is, was smitten with this anime. (so boys, don't worry. this isn't some soppy romantic anime where the two male leads can't stop holding eachothers hands.)But what really sets this anime apart is the depth of the characters. Uraboku doesn't have just one or two leads, it has 13. 13 characters which have their stories told within 24 episodes, without the anime getting boring or stuck. I know, it almost sounds too good to be true.The music in this anime is shounen-worthy. Riveting guitar riffs, rock music and on the other hand it has a sweet melancholic Victorian feel to it. This started out as a boredom-anime. We all know them, those you watch without really paying attention. But I am one episode away from the final end, and I assure you.. This anime has creeped it's way up my top .I can recommend this anime to all shounen fanatics, Lolita lovers, Vampire addicts, shounen-ai fangirls and boys, but most of all.. I can recommend it to the true, anime fanatic. Edit:As a dear fan of this show, I was let down by the ending, dropping my overall score. However, another season has been announced. Let's see what that will bring us.

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