The Adventures of Kotetsu

Alt title: Kotetsu no Daibouken

OVA (2 eps)
1996 - 1997
2.432 out of 5 from 461 votes
Rank #7,630

Linn Suzuki made her way to Tokyo in search of her elder brother but found trouble instead. Lovely Detective Miho Kuon comes to Linn's aid as she is accosted by thugs, and thus begins their adventures together. Linn must endure geeky magicians, fierce tree spirits, and her 100-year-old master all while trying to stay clothed! Full of action and fanservice, Kotetsu is a debacle of martial arts mayhem.

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roriconfan Dec 27, 2011
Score 3.5/10

This is a minor short series that was made back when the anime community was still small and there was no internet to really know what was considered good or bad. That is why this short feature was very good to watch back when it was made. It is very bold and naughty considering the time it went into VHS. Still, time went by and what was considered bold back then is now less than average in any mainstream... read more



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