The Adventures of Kotetsu

Alt title: Kotetsu no Daibouken

OVA (2 eps)
1996 - 1997
2.819 out of 5 from 433 votes
Rank #14,480

Linn Suzuki made her way to Tokyo in search of her elder brother but found trouble instead. Lovely Detective Miho Kuon comes to Linn's aid as she is accosted by thugs, and thus begins their adventures together. Linn must endure geeky magicians, fierce tree spirits, and her 100-year-old master all while trying to stay clothed! Full of action and fanservice, Kotetsu is a debacle of martial arts mayhem.

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This is a minor short series that was made back when the anime community was still small and there was no internet to really know what was considered good or bad. That is why this short feature was very good to watch back when it was made. It is very bold and naughty considering the time it went into VHS. Still, time went by and what was considered bold back then is now less than average in any mainstream series. Animation is actually quite good. Although the overall artwork is generic and low on detailed human figures and frames per second, the animators still did a good job to give a samurai action film feeling to it. Thus, the battles are very good considering the low budget. The characters pose serious, stand still and look at each for five seconds before drawing their swords and attack each other. The screen also flashes so we won’t know the outcome right away. Also, the hand to hand martial arts are also detailed and the camera goes to various angles.Of course this is more of an ecchi title than an action feature so there is also a lot of bold nudity and erotic comedy in it. Half of the duration, some female is naked and into some soft porn situation. It never goes too far and most of it is pretty standard in any ecchi series of today but they are still more raw and extreme in a way so fan service is still pleasing.Still, the rest of it is quite weak in terms of detail. The characters look boring and even the nude characters have no pubic hair or genitalia, making them look silly. Yes, it was forbidden back then but it’s still lame to look at it. Also, there is a huge amount of static images making the characters look frozen half of the time. The suspense during the showdowns is excused but that is just ten seconds in all. Also, down to it neither the action nor the fan service are that good as you can get far better stuff in modern anime. Music is also pleasing. The main lead Kotetsu was given an old Japanese way of talking, being polite all the time and an accent of using a soft H instead of S when using honorifics and other typical words (han instead of san for example) so the samurai feeling is preserved. Also, the main music theme is a weird combination of pop and traditional kabuki theater music, making the series to really look like a combination of ecchi (well, the girls have high pinch in the song) and samurai flavor (those HOOOO and IAAAA hymns accompanied by drums are really something).Beyond those fine touches, the rest is still corny dialogues and silly erotic talking so don’t expect a masterpiece of literature. Story and characters are a joke and you should not pay attention to them if you want to enjoy this title. They look serious at first as the story is basically two clans clashing with samurai and ninja techniques in order to take out Kotetsu and retrieve her famous sword. But then the fan service kicks in and everything becomes a random pile of silliness where nothing really happens logically or even lasts long enough to provide real entertainment. The entire cast feels completely generic and flat, archetypes you practically can encounter in any ecchi or samurai feature. Kotetsu actually had potential for more but just two episodes half of which is erotic comedy hardly are enough time to even get to know her. So, no, both story and characters are really lame. This title might have been interesting fifteen years ago but today it can be a pleasing one timer at best. Its main problem is that it lasts too little and it consumes a lot of time into random erotic comedy you find in any run of the mill series of today. So, I don’t really recommend this feature for anything else other than to see for yourselves that funky blend of samurai and soft porn. SUGGESTION LIST Ranma ½Ikki TousenQueen’s Blade

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