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Alt title: Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

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Jul 7, 2019

Don’t you just love it when fans of a show constantly make up reasons for why what they like is unlike anything else? In the case of this show, it’s because the protagonist is a slime. Aha, see, that has never been done before! Did I mention how despite being the weakest monsters in all JRPGs, he’s actually more powerful than the gods? Or how he also turns into a cute girl early in the show? How original!

Other than that, it’s a typical isekai series that checks all the usual clichés in the book. A loser virgin from our world gets reincarnated in a different one that functions like a videogame, where he is ridiculously overpowered, easily defeats all opponents, makes everyone his allies, and every female rushes to squeeze him between her huge melons. It’s literally just another power fantasy for collar workers of Japan who wish they were the masters of their own world.

The main hook of the show is the constant evolution of the slime’s abilities, and the growth of the society he builds every time he completes a quest. Both of which are done in a breezy, wholesome way. The protagonist can instantly copy any ability from creatures he consumes, and with them powers through any problem that gets in his way. It’s all done in a cheap way, since there is no sense of training or learning. It’s all about using abilities you gained and you use them as easily as pressing a button. Also the allies he makes are to the most part joining him after being overwhelmed by his powers and not because they gained his trust or see him as a fellow warrior. The direwolf in the early episodes is a prime example of that. He accepts the slime as his master despite having killed his father and a lot of his friends.

There is also no actual plot to speak of, since every arc plays out like a loosely stitched together quest in a videogame. The protagonist is not actively trying to achieve a specific goal. He wants a peaceful society, but doesn’t actually do something about it, besides reacting to whatever comes his way and that conveniently results in making the society better. The story is as lazy as the logic behind acquiring new abilities.

There are no interesting characters either, since they are all fairly one-note. Whatever powers they have are quickly eclipsed before the slime. Whatever background stories they have are quickly forgotten in favor of the next loosely stitched together quest that appears. Even the slime is not interesting as a character. He’s just a carefree nice guy who has nothing to struggle towards, since he can easily overcome any problem with sheer power. Even when a demon lord that is stronger than him appears, he just befriends her by giving her food. And said demon lord is a bikini-clad loli. The author just doesn’t give a damn.

Despite all that, the show managed to win a lot of watchers by being a wholesome civilization-building isekai. It works as far as escapism goes and, unlike most anime, doesn’t break any rules or betrays its initial premise. It is shameless empowerment fantasy from beginning to end, a thing which is not afraid to admit at every chance it can. Kudos for that, but it is definitely nothing great.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Nov 5, 2018

Ok, so this show might just as well be called „Tonal Issues the Anime!”. I still liked it very much though. It takes an interesting spin on the isekai genre, has good (albeit sometimes a little childish) comedy elements in it and most importantly it features a quite likable protagonist and side characters.

First - the story. 

As I mentioned the story has ‘some’ tonal issues. The show can take You from a child dying in flames in a war-ravaged village to a joke about being a virgin to another (violent) death and then to another joke about destroying porn in a span of a single episode. To put it mildly: it can be jarring sometimes. I have a feeling that the author wasn’t sure what audience to pick since some themes of the story feel ok for a kids show and some appear pretty mature.

Having said that the plot is very decent for an isekai show. The story revolves around the everyday lives of characters and solving (very simple) economical/logistical/philosophical problems which I like very much. It’s just little adventures of the main protagonist and his friends. Similar to the slice of life anime the series is more about the characters than the plot itself.

I also have to mention that (obviously) the job and um … the race of the protagonist is quite different from other isekai shows. The series handles this very well: being a slime gives the protagonist many advantages and he uses them in clever and unexpected ways. 

The comedy elements of the show are pretty good and while they won’t have you rolling on the floor laughing I’m pretty sure they’ll get at least a smile from most people.

Second: the animation.

The animation is decent but not much more. I found it much better in the first episode than the later ones but it might just be my taste.

The character design is generic and it's supposed to be that way. As with Konosuba or Goblin Slayer, the whole point of the show is to take a generic feeling world full of tropes known to the audience and provide a fresh spin on it.

Third: the sound.

The sound is ok. The music is bright, light and forgettable and the OP is decent but nothing more. My only complaint is that the show should have stayed with the original voice actor of the protagonist - I liked him much more than the one used in the later episodes.

Fourth: the characters.

The main character sells this show. He’s likable, witty, kind of shy and capable. Since the plot of the series is centered around his adventures and everyday life, he has some time to be fleshed out as a character. His motivation for having those adventures is a little thin, but it is there and since the show is very light-hearted I’ll let it slide. While he is overpowered (why this trope again isekai, why??) the plot forces him to use his wits rather than brute strength which is fun to watch.

The side characters are quite likable but not very fleshed out (apart from one which I do not want to spoil to You). The plot sets up their goals and motivations for working with the protagonist pretty well.

Verdict: It's a lighthearted comedy about a guy turned into a slime. You may take it or leave it, but I think it’s worth checking the first three or four episodes.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Jan 28, 2019

In my opinion this anime is hands down my favorite so far I give it try whole 5 star review. At first I was thinking to my self if this is about a slime being weird all the time I will stop watching and that is what it is mostly but I got to episode 2 and I was hooked i still keep watching it over and over again while waiting for the next episode to come out. So I would say it's an amazing anime.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 11, 2019

The show did some great things in the city building department and we got introduced to some cool characters that do stand out but we never really dove into any of these characters so it really felt like a wasted opportunity.

The show started to feel repetitive in the way it deals with problems and that was mainly because it didn't want to deal with controversy or add proper consequences. So we were left with a feel good show that didn't have any real stingers.

The show tries to paint us a picture of how massive everything is in this world but it won't let us enjoy these environments, instead we spend most of our time in little rooms and courtyards.

We're also introduced to a maze in the show which could have been a great experience but it'd be unfair to call this a maze since all they really did was walk in a straight line to reach their destination. It's these moments that make me feel that we're watching a watered down version of the manga and there are excellent opportunities to put these environments to good use but the show refuses to do so. 

For all the cool characters that we got, the show also gave us some of the worst ones I've seen in a long time. Also the 'power levels' are through the roof which also didn't do the show any favors.

The setups are there for the coming season to address my concerns for the future... Fingers crossed but I don't really have the highest hopes.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Mar 25, 2019

When was the last time a light novel adaptation or isekai tried to be straightforward? Nothing fancy, nothing repetitive or self-indulgent, just simple. With the likes of Re:Zero, Akashic Records, Overlord, and Mahouka, it’s become harder and harder to find an LN or isekai show that just wants to entertain (parodies like Konosuba don't count cuz fuck you). Even many of the “simpler”, “safer” anime like The Asterisk War and Isekai wa Smartphone fail to realize that we just want something simple and satisfying. That’s probably why Slime is as popular as it is. It just wants to entertain us with a fun, digestible isekai world for an adorable protagonist to build in and explore. Not to mention, it does so with some decent visuals, good music, and the sense of whimsey you’d expect from a show about being in a game-like world. That’s not to say the show never gets violent, that it never indulges in typical LN and isekai cliches, or even that it’s a good show. It’s just that Slime values entertainment above all else, never overindulging to the point of stupidity or alienation. Frankly, this is the first isekai in years to not suck.

Slime’s visuals are honestly strange. It doesn’t really feel like it was made in 2018 or 2019. Something about this odd and inconsistent art style doesn’t feel like something you’d see nowadays. While the art style certainly feels unorthodox, a lot of the facial expressions are priceless and adorable as a result, particularly with Rimuru’s slime form. The sheer liveliness of some of the environments trumps even the likes of No Game No Life, which is arguably the most visually stunning isekai on the market. The show often experiments with different styles, like swapping between anime and photorealistic footage when getting us acquainted with Rimuru’s slime form in episode 1, or when he fantasizes about hot elves and they’re drawn in a 90s aesthetic. Several moments in the show, along with the first ED, also add a sort of digital, VR-like filter to whatever’s happening onscreen. Speaking of the first ED, the visuals for it change 4 times, and each version looks great. Even when they’re not experimenting, some of the action scenes and sequences of Rimuru wandering around in slime form look stunning and fluid. The first OP is a wonderful example of this. Sadly, the visuals are about as inconsistent as everything else. For every moment of smooth or lively visuals, we have moments of typical static shots, and episodes where we don’t get much animation. Some of the background and foreground scrolling tends to look awkward as well, and the rampant CGI tends to be even worse. Still, the character designs are generally great, and the high points in the animation put nearly every other isekai or LN adaptation to shame. Studio 8bit is probably one of the better sources of isekai anime out there.

Even more vibrant is the music. Early on, we’re treated to some fun chiptune pieces, along with some adventurous tracks. Somehow, the amount of more lighthearted and fun tracks, and even the amount of battle themes is completely overshadowed by the sheer volume of great emotional pieces. A track that perfectly exemplifies both sides of this is actually the first ED, "Another colony" by TRUE. The guitars and drums give this energetic vibe that’s both invigorating and a tad emotional, and the violins more than add to the more emotional aspect of the song. Along with the decent vocals, these elements turn this into one of the better EDs of 2018, and a great way to cap off each episode. I don’t care as much for the second ED despite its more sentimental tone. Takuma Terashima does the 2 OPs of this season, and they are both fantastic. The first, “Nameless Story”, is a striking tune, especially with that bombastic usage of the special guitar which gives a more rustic, perhaps 2000s vibe. The visuals accentuate that vibe, as both aspects of the OP meld to create both this sense of adventure and danger. The second OP, “Meguru Mono” is a far calmer, more emotional piece that shows just how far Rimuru and his civilization have come, and how wondrous things will remain in the future.

As expected from an isekai, the writing is a bit of a mess. The show’s pacing is often strange, and it has a ton of pointless and bewildering time skips. Emotional moments often feel rushed or conjured out of thin air, and the show often forgets about its characters until they randomly appear later. Examples of the latter include the time when Gobta’s just left alone in a cell halfway into episode 5 and forgotten about, or when the goblins and wolves are told to wait outside at the beginning of episode 4 and are forgotten about until episode 6, where we see them and a whole new batch of goblins working. The show also tends to resort to time skips, glossing over the progression of the central village Rimuru builds, and making the town’s progression and some of Rimuru’s absences feel utterly ridiculous. 

Another problem is that the world-building is sometimes inconsistent and unexplained, like how Rimuru could only name like 50 or so goblins and one wolf before passing out in episode 3 and then 500 goblins in episode 6. The worst case of the latter is in episode 19 where the wolf Ranga suddenly has a strong partnership with Shion and pulls a flying ability out of nowhere, since the characters ask how and when he learned that and became that close with her, and we never get an answer. Granted, the world-building is never indigestible and rarely broken like it is in Mahouka or Smartphone. It’s just that these issues become especially distracting when the narratives are already rather unremarkable and badly paced. It’s even worse when most of the arc conclusions are drawn-out, anticlimactic, or cheesy, with the 4th arc’s finale being the worst example. That said, some of the storylines in this show are genuinely good. The best example of this is the 3-part storyline with Shizue at the end of arc 1, with its intense backstory and a sentimental payoff for Shizue and her ultimately tragic tale. If only more of this show’s arcs and mini-stories were as good as this or even the majority of the second arc, but inconsistency really is Slime’s middle name.

A majority of the characters in this show are actual yes men, often with one defining character trait and only some level of chemistry to make them salvageable. Barring Rimuru (the little asshole), his internal sage assistant, and perhaps the utter dolt that is Gabiru, it seems like the best characters in this show are ones that appear for a short time, like Shizue, Veldora, or the trio of guild adventurers at the end of the first arc. They along with the characters I’ve named often have the most entertaining personalities and chemistry, and the most we get from them are a few gags at Gobta’s, Shion’s, and Rimuru’s expense. Almost none of them have any exceptional personalities or amazing chemistry to rival the GOATs in anime casts, nor do any of them necessarily wring any hype out of me aside from a character introduced in the penultimate episode. However, none of them are insufferable or horribly written. Still, this is probably Slime’s weakest and least entertaining aspect. 

The experience of watching this anime at its best is a lot like that of playing a Kirby game. It has an adorable, round, expressive protagonist who absorbs his enemies’ powers while exploring new lands, and a sense of whimsy crafted by the bouncy slime animation and wonderfully varied OST. Granted, Slime isn’t very consistent or always entertaining, but never does the show become unbearable. It’s not necessarily well-written, visually stunning, or even consistently entertaining, but it sets a benchmark for isekai that frankly hasn’t been met in half a decade. All it needed to do in order to not suck was just be straightforward and willing to entertain. 

With that said, can we finally have a good isekai again, please? I don’t want another isekai ending with a recap episode, as amusing as this one was.

Written and Edited by: CodeBlazeFate
Proofread by: Peregrine

5.3/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7.3/10 sound
5.1/10 characters
5.9/10 overall