Tentai Senshi Sunred

Alt title: Astro Fighter Sunred

TV (26 eps x 13 min)
2008 - 2009
Fall 2008
4.041 out of 5 from 970 votes
Rank #1,163

The battle between good and evil wages on in the town of Kawasaki! Sunred, a sarcastic, cranky hero often battles the forces of Florsheim, an evil organization out to achieve world domination! But for  General Vamp and the rest of the Florsheim gang, attaining such a goal won’t be easy. Between helping Sunred move, deciding how to throw out a used frying pan, disputing over stolen ramen and recruiting new members, there’s never a quiet moment in Kawasaki!

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar
cassiesheepgirl Aug 3, 2009
Score 9/10

Every so often I stumble upon an anime that infects my consciousness with its bizarre humour and leaves me maniacally giggling to myself long after I’ve finished watching. The latest series to achieve this is Tentai Senshi Sunred. Set in the city of Kawasaki, the series documents the ongoing battle between its resident hero, ... read more

Archaeon's avatar
Archaeon Jul 5, 2011
Score 9/10

Do you want to watch a series that features heroic heroes, villainous villains and mind boggling fight scenes where every punch, kick or special move is lovingly crafted and animated? Are you looking for a show that has a gripping storyline where every twist and turn of the plot will leave you on the edge of your seat? Do you crave excitement, adventure, and a hero who can kick more arse than the combined... read more

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Omake released with the DVDs.

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