Tenshi Nanka ja Nai

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
3.239 out of 5 from 257 votes
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Welcome to Hijiri Academy! Completed only as of this year, freshmen are the only students who walk its halls; and now, a student body has been elected. As newly-appointed vice president, well-liked and cordial Midori Saejima knows she has her work cut out for her, in more ways than one: she’s been in love with the president, Akira Sudoh, ever since she secretly saw him care for a stray kitten one rainy night. As Midori’s feelings continue to grow, she finds herself more and more convinced that Akira has a girlfriend, much to her dismay. Will Midori come to terms with her feelings and confess, or accept that her love may be unrequited?

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Overview: All in all, Tenshi NAnka ja Nai was a mediocre shoujo but did have it's high points, followed by many low points. The show does revolve around a central school setting and is carried between a group of four characters. The anime could be followed easily, and did have a central idea behind it. Story: 6/10 The story was not bad, but had some spots that were totally unecessary and seemed like time slot fillers for the actual show to reach 30 minutes. There was, however, a story that was followed throughout the show and (for the time given in 30 minutes) did an ok job, but leaves the watcher pondering a few questions about the final scenes at the end of the show. Animation: 5/10 I will be completely honest with you and state how much I dislike the older animation styles. That being said, I could not really judge it for being bad or being good since I don't want to have a bias towards it (leaving it at a neutral 5/10). There were, some parts in the anime, that were pretty badly animated and could have used some touch-ups that caused me to lean more towards a 4.7 instead of a higher score, so I rounded up to 5/10. Sound: 6/10 The music at the beginning of the show was not bad, the songs that occured through the anime were not bad either. There were not many sound effects to base the show off of, just a bunch of melodrama and songs that go on throughout the show. Characters: 6/10 Once again, there were four characters that appeared throughout the show. The main two were followed very closely and the character development was all good, until the end. The end was rather dissapointing and left the story incomplete. The other two co-stars are not anywhere near as developed and seemed rather dissapointing to watch and seemed more like time fillers for the anime. I was disapointed with the characters, to be honest, and really wished a more central approach would have been taken when discussing the characters, not all the filler that was actually placed in the show. Rated for the DAMC (2016)

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