Tenchi Universe

Alt title: Tenchi Muyou!

TV (26 eps)
3.765 out of 5 from 5,531 votes
Rank #2,531

Tenchi Universe is a twisted reboot of the original Tenchi series. Through a different set of circumstances, Tenchi Masaki meets up with characters such as Space Pirates and Galactic Princesses. Tenchi is then taken on an emotional roller coaster ride, as well as a space epic, as he discovers new things about his new friends, himself, and his destiny.

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This is a perfect example of why I didn't care for Anime in the 90's. Spoilers to follow: There actually was a decent enough story but the episodic nature of the series meant that no immediate problems lasted longer than the episode. Yes, there was an arc which covered the whole last half of the series but problems like breaking down in space with no food are irrelevant by the end of the episode, even though the only food added was a single apple. When Ryoko wastes all the crew's money enjoying herself on a wild vacation while all the rest are starving, there is no repercussion. She was willing to let them all starve to death, not out of malicious hostility but just because, even her major crush Tenchi, didn't matter as much as a good time and we're supposed to believe they are in love? The breakdown may not have been Mihoshi's fa ult but she was asleep at her post so neglect is easily possible. Every repair is sabotaged by Mihoshi, not out of hostility but stupidity. With starvation a real possibility because of their stranded nature, spacing her seems a very viable option if only for self preservation. You've got a bounty hunter which hunts Ryoko (reasonable because she is a pirate) but more than half the time aids her foe for some sense of honor that only she is permitted to take her in or kill her. It is never explained why the hostility, especially when she seems too similar like maybe sisters or cousins? I endured this, not for enjoyment but to understand more of this pop culture phenomenon. I will never understand why this remake was created only 2 years after the original when the original was apparently considered a success. There are definitely enjoyable portions but they do not pull together for an enjoyable whole.

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