Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Alt title: Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

OVA (13 eps x 45 min)
2009 - 2010
4.102 out of 5 from 8,483 votes
Rank #578

Young Kenshi Masaki has his hands full catering to the whims of an entire academy of oversexed school girls, but a darkness looms on the horizon that will soon cast his life into chaos. The mysterious and enchanting Doll, controlled from afar by a power hungry madman, leads an unthinkable invasion that attacks the nubile students of the academy from inside its once protective walls. To save his bevy of galactic playmates, Kenshi must summon the power of a Sacred Mechanoid and fight to preserve peace in a world that hovers on the brink of destruction. Should he survive, Kenshi will be mobbed by a hoard of comely coeds who want to make the hero their husband!

Source: Funimation

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I have watched this anime over 50 times. Why you ask? It’s because this is what I expect in Anime perfection. Ecchi Anime’s are often very stereotypical whereas they still leave you guessing at the end. I’ve never seen so many woman chase one guy before though to explain how that happens watch it for yourself.You may or may not agree with me but I wanted to add and subtract from this story so many times that I don’t get tired watching it. So I might have to fill in some gaps with my theories. Story: 8/10 Although I wish it had more of a direct tie in with its prequel Tenchi Muyo Series it was descent enough to carry its own stand-alone story. The real plot is still a mystery and I hope there is a sequel to it because it's the best in the Tenchi Muyo series. What I got from the first episode was his forced destiny. Apparently he was shown love but I think that was part of the first plot. A lot of people think that the Chousin were the only ones involved in sending him to Genmar but I think that his brother’s harem, his grandfather, and his parents had to give consent to send an underage boy away on a journey.In the beginning if they convinced him to go why was he desperately trying to get back? I think someone purposely lied to him to not only get him out of the way (I don’t think they needed two Tenshi type personalities in the same household) but to get Kenshi to fulfill his destiny of which he was not given the specifics of his supposed mission. It doesn’t mention where they dropped him off. He could have survived anywhere with his plethora of talents. He immediately falls in with the wrong crowd preying on his weakness to go back to earth. How long he stayed with them training for the assassination of Queen Lashara Ausa (Earth) we don’t know but its relevance to the story is minimal at this point. (Maybe that’s where he learned to pickpocket a master pickpocket like Lan). I guess he finally chose the lesser of two evils because people still want to use him. It was probably the same on Earth which is why insults roll off him easily. The first half of the series 1 – 7 deals a lot with establishing his social status. It would have been easy for him to live it up independently like other male Seikishi but I always believed that he had to prove himself. He mentioned having a weak body as a child being surrounded by legends so he learned to adapt and keep pace with them pretty well. Especially with Washu teaching him how to make energy drinks from scratch. The only relation to the story’s main plot is what Ulyte is working on and how he is secretly using Kenshi to do it. Mixed comedy, Fan Service, Mystery and an understanding of the world he was thrust into makes for a pretty entertaining experience. The second half consisted of inconsistences in the plot. Personally I don’t think what characters like Nawa at the Barrier Workshop, The Pope, The Church, The Holy Land and the (Tenshi Monument?) Worshippers who knew about the Goddesses, The Ena Sea, How people from other worlds are cut off from their own planet (The Dark Elves i.e.) and their lost technology worked. I was mentioned that both Babylon and Lashara’s father the King of Streiya knew more than they let on, (by resolving a former incident?). The romance was sketchy though I seemed to feel that Kenshi knew what was going on. I’d like to see him married to Aura because she was the only one who didn’t try to use him.Working his way into becoming a king has earned the respect from a planet of mostly female Seikishi planet. The fighting was bitter at times whether in the Mecha or out. The only gory scenes came from the Mechas but there were bloodthirsty and ruthless people like the bandits or Morgana (The Ex-Student Council President). Normally you would think men were naturally stronger than women but it doesn’t matter here because most of the male Seikishi are cowards Dagmeyer included. They are lazy, spoiled, ignorant, apathetic and easily manipulated. I suppose this is what Dagmeyer was trying to change with his ideals. Babylon’s goals were still unclear even at the end. Because he had the Gaia crystal core implanted into him as a child did he want to control the world or the worlds’ destruction? The same people who transported Kenshi there had been keeping abreast of the events without lifting a finger to help. All in all Kenshi is better off there. Animation10/10 The fight sequences were good because bio-mechanical machines that use magic to operate are cool. They are more flexible and when the Mecha is hurt the pilot feels it. Kenshi means literally means Swordsman and I’m always a sucker for that. Furthermore they are individually unique to the owner and can take on any humanoid form of the pilots abilities, fighting spirit and level. Rail guns with compressed bullets, Energy beams, Particle Cannons, Swords, Axes, Spears, Bow and Arrows are just some of their arsenal. They can fly using magic or even come with Jetpacks (Ukine). The shifting of scenes was good also along with character design. It was dark in the beginning and bright at the end just how I like it. Characters: 10/10 What I liked about it was the protagonist Kenshi. He must have always made the best of his situation and taken his responsibilities seriously in order to keep up with those around him. He is good natured a fast learner and some heightened physical abilities thanks to his family on both sides. He is humble and submissive around women but not shy. That is until they crowd him. Kenshi is a very talented person indeed. He is abnormally strong, has plenty of both physical and magical endurance. He is a master chef, Supreme martial artist, Super skilled Swordsman, phenomenal Seikijian pilot, can survive in nature, Excels in household chores and appliance repair, construction repair and supervision, Medicines and shows proper etiquette at all times. His main hobby seems to be collecting crystals which everyone seems to discourage him to do even if it’s not on The Swan. He has shown extreme rage while piloting his mecha and even goes into berserker mode at times but is never truly out of control with it like in some animes. No matter what is thrown at him he doesn’t hesitate to take control of a dangerous situation I like that most about him because he’s not afraid of himself. I found it very funny that at the very end that he could produce a Light Hawk Wing because “someone” (Chaia Faun) who had dogged his steps along the way by preventing him from his one pleasure in life gave him permission to go search for crystals if he defeated the Monster Mecha Gaia. The Light Hawk Wing, came out of his mechaniod also. All that said he acted his age has a silly side and is loved there by many. Another person I found interesting was Lashara she was definitely not your average twelve year old. She is mature, coolheaded most of the time a good leader. She is also spoiled, selfish and controlling. She has more than a little respect for Chaia and Maya. She dislikes her Aunt Flora’s pranks and personality. She has a strange relationship with her cousin Princess Maria in which they constantly insult and try to get the upper hand on each other. They also collaborate in strategies against the Queen Flora the Flashy Queen. Her mature humor was enjoyable and while she can laugh at other people’s follies I don’t think she would like it if it happened to her. Chaia was someone who was too predictable, other than bullying Kenshi she didn't know where here loyalties lied. Who was the real idiot here! Very tsundere! Mesiah and Flora would have been charged for rape in our world. Yukine was intelligent but soft enough to deceive Kenshi. She just didn’t speak up at the appropriate times. Wahanly the crew’s technical genius is creative outspoken and can’t shoot a lick Lithia is precocious book smart a leader in her own right smart-mouthed and a little immature but she tries hard to keep things together the students love her Sound 10/10 The opening song went well with the introduction. The different variety of sound and background music added seasoning to the story and was never corny misplaced or boring. The voice actors were marvelous and very mature sounding. They convinced me of each character. Good casting there! What I liked first was the opening song "Follow Me Now Feat". Overall 10/10 I wish they had a higher budget or that this was more popular because this show is grossly underrated. This is the best anime I've watched so far. Still I wish those unnamed people who sent Kenshi there would have shown themselves at least once. I DEMAND A SEQUEL TO THIS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isekai might be a spin off or even a side story to the main Tenchi world arc but it stands above other Tenchi.  Isekai has much better story telling and a stronger grip on the viewer by offering enough teasers to keep you coming back for more without giving too much away or not tempting you with enough information to keep that hunger for more fresh.  It probably has the best spin on the harem-esque theme to date because it is not based around the negative aspects of the harem genre and the main character shows no interest in tormenting the girls interested or in driving that interest away by flat out focusing on one girl or picking one girl.  Yet at the same time, it is not the predator type of lead character you might expect in such situations.  Instead he is somewhat oblivious and awkward around the girls and even at times afraid of them like when Chiaia catches him hunting for crystals.  Harem genres do have problems though and I have never been a big fan.  One of those inate problems is a frequent lack of focus, interest, or story ability to generate any sense of romance or genuine love interests.  This more or less happens in this case however, the strongest connection is with Princess Aura even though the story tries to force Yukine on him with a faux sense of a mutual crush.  It however fails to adequately do that.  Aura has much more interaction with Kenshi and frequent blush moments which otherwise is the main device used to stimulate the so called mutual crush with Yukine.  She is with Kenshi more through out the series too as Yukine spends a lot of time in other lands or in other ships.  Yukine is comparatively rarely on screen and even more rarely interacts with Kenshi so any suggestion of a romantic interest falls short compared to the much stronger and more obvious connection with Aura.  This is another problem often seen in harem-esque type genre stories, the story itself so miscalculates relationships that even when there is an intent to focus on one girl it often fails or instead generates a much stronger connection to a different and unintended character.  Despite this heavy leaning toward Aura it is never exactly concrete who he has any feelings for or who truly loves him above just the fact of who and what he is.  Still though, as far as the harem theme goes, this story gets it right and more so than nearly any I have ever seen.  Part of the reason for this is that it makes it seem much more of an innocent spring fever attraction all people might get for one or another person during their late school years.  It nicely captures that spring fling innocent youth feel to it and that is perhaps the strongest reason it stands so far above all other harem-esque stories. Kenshi as a main character is almost too perfect and even quite a bit OP.  He is perhaps more overpowered than nearly any other lead character I have seen in an anime series compared to others within said story.  Though there is at least one that can challenge him, but even that one often struggles or gets severely damaged trying to do so.  Even if he is not in a machine which supposedly grants all pilots such momumental powers, he is a force to be reckoned with.  Without a machine he has displayed more than enough skill to fight other machines bare handed and even damage them rather heavily.  This was displayed during an obstacle race at the school for one such example.  And though it may not have been quite the same kind of machine, it still shows a far more than ordinary courage, skill, and ability to effectively challenge any obstacle or machine.  His one flaw perhaps is that though the story makes him out to be biased or prejudiced against, it at the same time clearly, easily, and early on stands far out and above everyone else.  This is another mistake often seen in similar stories where a main character is set up to be tormented, struggle, and/or biased heavily against yet somehow stands well above even the most elite of whatever that character is into which by the way, contradicts that very biased setting.  The Irregular at Magic High comes to mind as doing that but you still feel strong hints of prejudice against him everywhere he goes, school, family, or work which you do not feel in other stories like Isekai.   Do not get me wrong, this is a very good anime with very good and very likable characters which has few flaws that I can determine save for the huge cliches that it does in a way that can and will contradict what the story intends to do.  Aura herself is a very strong and likable character and oddly so far, the only non pure human character evident in the show who is part of a kingdom and race that is unique.  She is a dark elf yet I have not seen any regular elves so the fact she is a dark elf technically makes no sense.  Kenchi himself displays prowess and skills far beyond ordinary humans suggesting strongly that he too is not exactly a pure human.  He displays powers beyond that which was implied just by being an offworlder.  Lashara is a strong, likable character who occasionally demonstrates childish behavior but most of the time is more calm and mature than even the elderly scholars and teachers in the show far contradicting her supposed age.  Frankly she acts more like a slightly spoiled and mildly immature 35 or 40 year old woman than a preteen or teen aged girl.  Even her voice suggests a older character, though it is pretty cute and even fitting, it does not add to the impression of a child aged character (The English dub voice anyway does that.).  Babulun and Dagmyer perform well as totally despicable human trash in the most bile, vile, and disgustingly atrocious manner possible.  It is easy to totally dispise them and root for the story heroes.  Ulyte is a mystery through the series since at times he seems to help the heroes and others he helps the enemy.  There are too many characters to really break down thoroughly but the complexities of the most important characters such as Emera's frustration over competition for Dagmyer, greatly adds to the flavor of the series.   Story is set in another world apart from Earth but with a cross between a Avatar the Movie setting mixed with a world similar to that scene in Seven Ghost with some mech blended in which is perhaps most similar to Linebarrels of Iron, Aquarion Logos, and/or Utawarerumono.  Like Utawarerumono the mechs in Isekai look almost biological more than pure machine and have a sort of life and connection to pilots where a basic machine can turn into whatever design fits the pilot as well as draw some sort of power or perhaps life force from pilots to differentiatie and result in more powerful mechs.  It shares a similar feel and setting to Seven Ghost as well as a unique, neutral, and powerful religious center ostensibly nestled among the border of multiple nations.  Some of the landscapes such as curiously floating islands, resembles the planet from Avatar.  Linebarrels and Aquarion both have similar mech arrangements where: pilots of mechs are somehow linked to the machines; are rare talents that not anyone can pilot them; draw some sort of metaphysical connection and energy from said pilots; and have a similar training setting aka a school for elite students who are also pilots though in Linebarrels it is students from a local school who attend special training and are put into special teams. The story is exceptional and fairly unique that probably draws on a collegue mix of inspirations and sources.  It told as an exciting and well paced story that blends action, scifi, slice of life, drama, hidden powers, mystery, and even harem masterfully together.  It may not be perfect and have a few flaws such as mentioned above like how Kenchi is presented as a lowly placed character yet his skills and accomplishments contradict that concept early on enough to totally clash against the sense of class tension ostensibly presented.  Sound matches well with the story and is filled with well timed explosions and cute animal sounds though it may not quite capture all the background sounds of nature well, it at least tries to a degree by having some animals mixed into the scene.  The characters are for the most part very good with almost the perfect amount of development, background, detail, and quirky characteristics for each of the major characters and several of the lesser support characters as well.  Animation is not as high a quality as the story drawing on a style similar to the Tenchi series which itself looks a bit dated but this anime has better landscapes and character expressions than what I saw in Tenchi.  It is a better anime and story than what I saw of Tenchi.  There are harem angles in both stories but the one in Tenchi is a bit more creepy than the cheerful seemingly innocent and almost more natural one presented in Isekai.  Kenchi is a better character than what I saw of Tenchi with a better backstory and hidden powers. It would be difficult to go wrong watching this series.  It is only 13 episodes and the ending may leave you wanting more and hanging a bit for more episodes but each episode is longer than the average anime series at about 45 minutes each.  So in a way you are actually getting closer to 20 or so episodes compared to other anime.  


Story - Nothing bad about the story it just wasn't amazing like what I was hoping for. SPOILERS START- Kind of sucked how yet another harem anime ends up with none the characters falling for each other when I watch anime for romance. SPOILERS END Other then that I thought the plot was great and enjoyed the action. I do wish the final battle was a little more epic and dramatic. Thats just my opinion though, but I thought it could have been better. In my opinion it was the fight before the rising action ended. So I was slightly dissapointd. Or maybe I was expecting to much so Im getting it a good score. Animation - In my opinion the animators did their job. So I thought it was good. Sound - Good soundtrack. Also the Follow Me opening theme is my favorite anime opening song ever. It fit the anime perfectly. So of course it gets a good score for that song just being associated with the anime. Characters - Kenshi definitly reminded me of a more sporty out doorsy Tenchi. While Tenchi just shoved his girls away Kenshi actually ran miles from them. Chiaia was were tsudere character but not to the extreme. She was a great addition to the cast. My favorite character and probobly my most favorite anime character ever was Lashara. Don't know why but I just loved her. The supporting cast was also great. You had all types of characters which made the show exciting even though its not one of my favorite cast of support character I think they helped the show more enjoyable.

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