Tekkaman Blade II

Alt title: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II

OVA (6 eps)
1994 - 1995
2.867 out of 5 from 321 votes
Rank #6,876
Tekkaman Blade II

Ten years have passed since and a new generation of Tekkaman must confront a powerful enemy while rebuilding their forces. Yumi Francois, a young mechanic, is the unlikely candidate for the elite Tekkaman fighting team. Thrust into the midst of battle, she must overcome her fear and inexperience and gain her teammates' confidence and trust to survive.

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Oh, my God! They killed Tekkaman! – You bastards! This was a South Park joke that reflects my thoughts about this title. It’s a joke! They killed all the beauty of the original by making a pathetic sequel to a good series. ART SECTION: 7/10 Although better than in the previous season, the graphics are still medium to good for. There is lot of attention given on explosions and transformations, but all these are quite common for a 90’s series. SOUND SECTION: 5/10 The sound department has nothing interesting to offer. Unlike the previous season which had awesome rock/pop pieces, these ones are completely generic and forgettable. STORY SECTION: 4/10 A very shallow scenario that became even shallower…- Continuing the story a few years after the previous season, the insectoid aliens attack Earth once again, this time with great masses of Tekkamen. Humans now can also use the alien technology of these bioorganic suits without alien parasites possessing them. The first team of fighters is given a transformation crystal each and is sent to stop the invasion. - Most of the scenario elements are pretty typical in superhero series. The protagonists use an energy crystal to transform, yell sound activating special attacks and even fight with far-east-like style of fighting. It could still be something interesting if they were flavoring it as they did with the first season. There are unfortunately no plot twists and the story is short and remains stale, thus you are left with nothing to care about. CHARACTER SECTION: 3/10 - There is no character development and no strong personalities in the story, all resort of the short duration. There ae some interesting topics around humanity present here as well but there is hardly any immersion given to care. It is also hard to believe how such a klutz girl could be chosen as Tekkaman, or even being the leading character. How could the scriptwriters replace the dramatic and cool characters of the previous season with these dorks, and then expect us to like them? Very disappointing!- The villains are also faceless mooks to the most part and again there is nothing to care about them as well.- There are a few appearances from characters of the previous series but you see nothing new about them or get enough time to bind with them. Very, very disappointing! VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTIONS: 1/10 - The Tekkaman suits are no longer imposing as they were in the 80’s (too much competition). Without a main attraction and with a small number of mediocre episodes, you are left with a bitter aftertaste.- The previous Tekkaman series had great battles because all Tekkamen were a few elite killing machines that only other Tekkamen could cope with. Here, Tekkamen are greatly undermined as they are debunked into mass production, typical fighting suits that anyone can acquire and use. Plus, they are used by inexperienced fighters, making the battles appear comical or even ridiculous. And of course there is no alien parasite to offer a backlash for their power.- As for the non-action time, there are poor attempts at keeping us interested by shoveling us panties shots, nude and cameo appearances by characters from the previous series. By replacing the tragic element with sleazy ecchi scenes, the producers dug their own graves. There is hardly any time for character development and everything is about waiting for the next battle and listening to things we already know from the previous season. - The last nail in the coffin comes from the fact that all major battles are actually won by the heroes of the first season. The cast of the second season is completely weak and useless and have to resort in summoning the veterans to end everything in a few seconds. So what is the point in having them battling for so long in the first place? You just feel everything is pointless. VERDICT: 3.5 / 10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … He is not cool anymore.


Well, this was stupid, I liked the first Tekkaman but this was a mess. Story Well 10 years have passed since Blade saved the world and the invaders are back, however this time mankind has adapted the technology to create their own Tekkaman even more powerful than the alien's one. The entire point of this OVA, fight the aliens, thats it, there is no deep plotline like the first, the story is inconsistent, a lot of unexplained things such as, how did Blade recover his memory? or how did he get back his power? And  several more questions like that, its more like things just happen and we as the audience need to assume that there was some mystical force at work that brought up these scenes. Not to mention the incredibly shitty looking Tekkaman that this OVA had, excpt Blade, he alone looked cool. I mean even the aliens looked shitty to. In the end they tried to make an emotional attempt to make David's father victim to the alien's mind control (well, well this sounds so familiar to the original where Saber fell victim to the mind control) difference here is that everyone ends up happy and they continue to fight the Radam. Animation Very flashy, looks nice, shitty looking Tekkaman though Sound I only found the english dub and it was just annoying, Yumi's voice was the worst, some of the OST used were really good but overall it was really lacking. Characters Miraculous development happens, at one point one person hates another and then in the next episode they both like each other without any pacing as to how it happened. Everyone had a role assigned to them and it happened no good development what so ever, very poor. Overall The original Tekkaman beats this watch that instead 

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