Tekkaman Blade

Alt title: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade

TV (49 eps)
1992 - 1993
3.727 out of 5 from 1,308 votes
Rank #2,385

Earth is under attack from the alien invaders known as the Radam and is quickly losing the battle. With the planet’s finest defense, the space ring, being overrun without much opposition, mankind’s fate seems bleak. One of the few forces left to oppose the Radam are the Space Knights; but they are anything but successful. That is, until a mysterious man named Blade falls from the sky. Blade has the power to transform into a Tekkaman, one of the deadliest fighting forces in the universe – the very force that is leading the Radam onward! But unlike the other Tekkamen, Blade is obsessed with just one goal: defeating the Radam. Having lost his memory, he doesn't know why, but he knows he must stop them. With the help of the Space Knights he can begin uncovering his past, discovering who the Radam and the Tekkamen are, and of course, save Earth in the process!

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JPEEZYY's avatar
JPEEZYY Feb 2, 2019
Score 8.5/10

Good story and the english Dub is pretty decent.  Some filler episodes but just a couple but overall I enjoyed the series! read more

Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer Apr 14, 2012
Score 9/10

Story This show is certainly one of the best that i've seen.The story usually starts off pretty shallow at first it sort of feels like that you can predict everything that can happen next like reading a book, pretty straightfoward.However, the plot does pick up when Saber comes in and episode after episode the plot thickens the story keeps getting better and better lots of twists are introduced such as the... read more

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