Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Reverse

TV (25 eps)
2010 - 2011
Fall 2010
4.129 out of 5 from 3,568 votes
Rank #957

Still reeling from his chance encounter with the marauder Noir, Lag Seeing and his dingo, Niche must now attempt to unravel the plots of the mysterious anti-governmental organization Reverse in addition to their regular duties as letter carriers. Though dangerous, this task will undoubtedly lead them closer to finding the truth behind what became of Gauche Suede.

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Episode 26


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Episode 27

Underwear and Bread

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Episode 28

The Hydrangea Colored Picture-Letter

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Wilderness Imagery Lighthouse

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Film Noir

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Blue Notes Blues

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200 Years of Solitude

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Veritably Abbey

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Cabernet Attacks

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Light Shines on the Darkness

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I have never found an anime that I have wanted to like more than this one, I will assume you watched the original show and know all of the characters and the general storyline. The story, ah yes the story, it had so much potential and an interesting idea even though it is very similar to D Gray Man but it is way too childlike, if they had made this a darker anime with a little bit rougher animation it would be amazing. Reverse could be the epitome of anti-Government organizations but it falls short of having any real goal, the "All-Powerful Government" is relying on a 9 year old to do its field work, where is its military? But skipping to the animation I have to judge it for how it is, not how I think it should be, overall the animation in my opinion is nice, it flows and the characters seem to fit into the world they live in. The sound would be higher than 6 if it wasnt for the choice of opening songs, these songs dont match the mood of the anime at all and are very annoying in my opinion, cant wait to skip over them. The characters is what really gets me, I love Niche as a character, and her entire back story is really the only thing thats kept this anime afloat at times but Lag Seeing is such a cry baby that when it comes to the point in the episode where he just has to cry i find myself dreading it because it kills the serious mood that the show could have, any other character who could redeem the show is ruined by having one flaw that the creators decided to use over and over again, Gus is annoying in his stubborness and Dr Thunderland who I always thought could be a very cool character is ruined by him constantly talking about dissecting things. Overall this anime isnt near as good as it could be, I was hoping once Gauche became Noir that the show would take a turn into being more dark but if anything the show has revealed large twists in the storyline but still focuses on Lag being a stupid little crybaby. Very sad for what it could have been :(

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