Teasing Master Takagi-san Movie

Alt title: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Movie

Movie (1 ep x 73 min)
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Teasing Master Takagi-san Movie

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Despite having loved the first three seasons of “Teasing Master Takagi-san” we were not necessarily expecting a great deal from Shin-Ei Animation Studio’s 2022 movie. However, we really underestimated the writing on this and were, instead, simply blown away by just how good this really was! Set in the last middle-school summer break before the characters head off to High School the story once again develops the characters further with great subtlety. Orientated around the usual themes of romance, coming-of-age and friendship this movie was a text-book case-study of just how good such simple elements can be built up into a truly memorable feature-length film. When summer-break hits Nishikata & Takagi are looking for an excuse to hang around with each other without, you know, actually “dating”. He is increasingly over-whelmed with his feelings for her but seems unwilling to take the next steps in committing to her. Whilst talking about what they will do they discover an abandoned kitten and decide to take care of her. In the meantime, the second story arc mainly focusses on our comic-foils – the three girls Mina, Yukari and Sanae. Mina is building a list of summer holiday activities for them to do due to her fear that Sanae may leave the island to pursue track and field at a mainland High School. The story gently flip flops between the two principal character groups to maintain audience engagement. Most of our focus is upon Nishikata & Takagi caring for the kitten which gives them the excuse they needed to spend the summer together. At its denouement an emotional moment for both of them causes Nishikata to offer Takagi a life-long commitment. It is so simple yet truly touching. Please watch this through to the post-title reprise and ‘reveal’. The end twist is of no great surprise to the fans as we all know how this story ends. Yet it may well indicate the studio’s farewell to the franchise leaving the audience feeling that they may well see no more animated sequels to this romantic tale. The island setting is animated beautifully with its portrayal of island culture. Check out the festival of the torches midway through. Wonderful. The story itself has lots of little touches here and there that just catch you emotionally. An example of which is Mina, Yukari and Sanae standing by the dock watching a ferry leave. It is an emotional moment with Mina in tears that she will never get to spend time together with all three of them. As the ferry passes the passengers wave and shout. Slowly the girls start waving and shouting in return ending with a round of “Bye”, “Bye”, “Bye!”… This movie is nothing short of magical. How it renders the slow-coming-of-age of Nishikata from reluctant school-boy to responsible young-adult is just perfect. Everything is in the subtle inflexions. The side-wards glances. THAT underwater stare. The near-touching of hands at the bus-stop. This is a sweet as a nut and perfectly encapsulated all the very finest moments of the three seasons. The fans agreed and so they should. In a world awash with bad and indifferent anime this rises above the crowd as a story perfectly told and portrayed. Whatever you do just watch this. Brilliant.


At the end of Teasing-Master Takagi-san Season Three, Nishikata was on the verge of expressing a confession of love to Takagi, except after chasing Takagi's taxi (dropping and smashing the White Day present meant for her), Nishikata was too gassed to utter much of anything.  But Takagi could understand the thought behind the intent, and so the season could end with a semi-happy ending. Teasing-Master Takagi-san the Movie continues the story in the direction that one might expect, but with a richness of story-telling and animation excellence that makes for full satisfaction over the shaky relationship of the Master-Teaser and the Teased. The situation is critical, however.  The time is the coming of summer vacation for the third years of middle school.  The moment when classmates drift apart with the intentions of preparing for high school.  Disaster strikes!  Hamaguchi, who had botched his love confession attempt at the end of season three, learns from Hojo that she will spend the summer in Canada.  Hamaguchi urges Nishikata to make this summer break count with Takagi.  But opportunities are scarce after the Torch Festival, where Takagi learns of the lore about fireflies ... and how finding them while with that 'significant other' leads to binding the two together forever.  Nice try; no fireflies (but remember this myth ... it plays out big time!).  Once the festival is over summer will separate Takagi and Nishikata. Enter Hana, a lost kitten which needs help desperately.  So Takagi and Nishikata agree to work each day of summer to find either Mother Cat or some suitable owner.  As both become attached to the kitten, they find that those bonds transfer.  Then Hana finds a home, crushing Takagi who was about to adopt Hana herself.  In his effort to console Takagi, Nishikata pledges to make Takagi happy ... as long as necessary.  Ah, but the story is hardly over. A sidebar story features the three girl team of Mina, Sanae, and Yukari.  Their bonds of friendship forever is threatened when it is suspected that Sanae would be going to a different high school to improve her athletic skills.  Mina concocts a blitzkrieg style 100 things to do campaign to savor that last summer together before the split.  Plus, the geeky pair Kimura and Nakai have been entrusted with the school's camera to do a photo shoot for the school yearbook.  Got that sense of foreboding going? The animation for Teasing-Master Takagi-san the Movie is nothing short of spectacular, featuring some of the best vista shots of the island the characters call home.  The lilting music that penetrates the movie evokes the longings each character feels as the moment of departure approaches (well, not Kimura and Nakai ... they're up to no good.  It's a good thing they are terrible at what they do).  In short, it sets the proper mood, and if one doesn't tear up, call yourself a stone. The movie edges toward this sense of uncertainty as Takagi uses a wonderful overlook to appreciate a fireworks display to tell Nishikata that she'll try to keep Nishikata happy, too.  Confessions of love offered and returned?  Not sure.  But take time to take in the credits to experience the best possible resolution ... ever.

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