Teasing Master Takagi-san 3

Alt title: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 3

TV (12 eps)
4.173 out of 5 from 1,713 votes
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The third season of Teasing Master Takagi-san.

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Many an anime fan taking in Teasing-Master Takagi-san dropped the series after a while.  Complained of a constantly reoccurring plot: girl teases boy ... boy swears revenge ... boy's plans crash and burn [a lovely shade of blushing red] ... girl enjoys her handiwork.  I see the three seasons of Teasing-Master Takagi-san as an ever-expanding spiral.  You do get this idea of going about in circles while all the time you've been drifting away from that starting point.  The third season answers the question 'Drifting to ... where?' It is plain as Capt. Obvious' quips that Takagi likes Nishikata, and this is why she teases him.  Almost to the point of reading his thoughts.  Eerie.  In season three, it is up to Nishikata to have that epiphany and come to terms with how he feels towards Takagi.  Getting past 'rival in a game of wits' has to happen.  And this gets a violent shove in the last two episodes.  Epi. 11: February 14.  Epi. 12 March 14.  St. Valentine's Day followed by White Day.  The day when boys who drew attention from some girl on Valentine's can reciprocate one month later on White Day.  And Hamaguchi bullies Nishikata to make a love-confession; he'll pledge love to Hojo and Nishikata will do the same to Takagi.  We race for the climax, and ... more on this in a bit. Honestly, Teasing Master Takagi-san 3 did try to keep things fresh.  The silent portions of episode two.  The failed attempt at making Nishikata and Takagi leading man and lady in the school festival production ... only to have Nishikata replace a nauseated Kimura at the last moment before the big love scene.  Takagi's loss at Christmas, and Nishikata's unique ability to take the thrill of victory and exchange it for the agony of defeat ... once more.  Nishikata realizing that the words Takagi whispered in the library could not have been the three little words that he heard … and must be Takagi’s true convictions.  The sudden role of match-makers for Mina, Sanae, and Yukari and how they rebuilt 'Nishikata's Quest' once they solved the boy's last attempt to upstage the girl.  If you don’t have a sense for the subtle, a lot gets lost in viewing TMT-s. The animation continues the muted 'faded glory' of its color scheme.  The character designs always tended towards the simplistic, but almost in reserve of a time when they will mature.  The music centers on Takagi, of course, with the typical girl's thoughts on finding love and that one boy in her life.  Laudably sweet to listen to. But now, back to that closing scene of the antics of White Day.  Two failures for boys to get out those difficult words 'I love you.'  At the decisive moment, Hamaguchi chokes, much to Hojo's chagrin.  But for Nishikata, Takagi is a no-show.  She is away on family business, but she would be home on the evening of White Day.  For no apparent reason, Nishikata wishes to meet Takagi as she returns on the ferry.  But because of a slow bus, he just misses Takagi, watching her go home in a taxi.  He lunges madly at the departing vehicle but quickly the taxi leaves Nishikata in the dust.  Nishikata stumbles, loses the White Day gift for Takagi, and a car runs over the present.  With ruined gift still in hand Nishikata continues to chase.  Takagi notices Nishikata and asks the taxi to let her off.  They meet at the park where they had played before (the opening scene suggests that Takagi 'noticed' Nishikata at a young age).  Nishikata is far too winded from running to get a word out, but Takagi understands that feelings are better seen in one's actions than one's words.  Both teaser and teased understand how they feel toward each other.  Lower the curtain.  Roll the credits.  Fin.  I have Hopes that the Teasing-Master Takagi-san Movie coming out later this year will not be a recap.  Better than this, my hopes are for season four.  Think of it.  All the tensions of last year of middle school.  Entrance exams.  The thought of moving away, moving apart.  Different schools.  Can the newly-loves endure?  Can Nishikata have a relapse? A final scene of Nishikata and Takagi looking at each other.  Longingly?  Lovingly?  Suspiciously?  While some might think we get some resolution in season three, think of the excitement of a 'further adventures of' that a season four can offer!


So, back in 2017, I had seen this big foreheaded girl with a kind of smug smile teasing some boy. I have also been watching a bit of season 1 to get a feel of the story.  Story: For the most part, the episodes are formulaic: Nishikata comes up with a challenge with Takagi hoping to pull one over on her. But, much like how Wile E. Coyote can never catch the Roadrunner, Nishikata fails because Takagi effortlessly goes against his expectations such as him asking her what she disliked when he explained he disliked green peppers to her, she instead mentions some energy drinks she dislikes instead of a particular vegetable. Alongside the main attraction, we have the misadventures of Mina Hibino, Sanae Tsukimoto, and Yukari Tenkawa. Typically speaking, their antics do not have an overall connection with whatever Nishikata and Takagi were doing at the moment, which is because they were actually from another manga. Knowing this, watching their scenes left me kind of confused. While formulaic, I do love the interactions Nishikata has with Takagi whenever he's not trying to make a bet and she is not teasing the stuffing out of him. The play and Nishitaka making it all the way to the beach and seeing Takagi there are cute as well as Takagi being more overtly open about her feelings for Nishitaka. Or how about when Nishitaka decided to head back to school with an umbrella because he was concerned about Takagi even if it meant missing his favorite show? Animation: Is actually pretty good for the most part. I like the designs of the characters...maybe besides Takagi's big forehead (I swear I can fit the entire state of Texas in it). The lighting is great and the depth. The sunset that Takagi and Nishikata see at the beach was beautiful with the best episode of the third season being the play that was held during their cultural festival. I loved the designs of the costumes. Characters: Sanae is probably my favorite character though that is probably me being personally biased when it comes with emotionless girls in anime. Nishikata is sometimes head-strong when it comes to his determination to defeat Takagi only to fail miserably. Yet despite his irritation coming to that, he does genuinely care about her becoming easily flustered whenever Takagi does her teasing. Takagi...hard to really give an opinion on her. She always has this tightly-kept poker face when it comes to things like pranking Nishikata or teasing him. And I mean it, she is a frickin' tease. But that was where I kind of had problems with her character: sometimes, she kind of goes too far with the teasing or pranking at Nishikata's expense often getting him in trouble with the teacher or she sets up the games she plays she does with Nishikata in such a way that it comes off as humiliating towards him. I am not going to be that guy and accuse Takagi of being a domestic abuser because that is stupid. Sometimes her coyness is too much in my opinion. Sound: The voice work is good and the opening and ending themes are made of sweet dreams. 

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