Tears to Tiara

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Rhiannon is the fair and gentle daughter of a village chief. Unfortunately for her, she's also exactly the sort of maiden who is needed as a sacrifice to wake the Demon King Arawn from his thousand-year slumber and is soon kidnapped for this very purpose. However, when Arawn is summoned, he decides to spare Rhiannon's life, instead killing her captor and freeing her from mind control. Taken with his kindness, Rhiannon immediately decides to marry the Demon King, making him the new village chief. All of this is bad news for Rhiannon's protective but hot-headed brother Arthur, who must now pledge his knightly service to his new Lord, Arawn. Together the three of them must journey and together they must fight, encountering new friends and new foes along the way.

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This anime had a lot of hype before it aired. The reason is, it was based on a videogame by Aquaplus, the same people who made Utawaremono, another anime adapted by their roster. That anime had a big fanbase and thus people immediately jumped to the conclusion that Tears to Tiara will be great too. Don’t look at me though; I never liked that silly show. Neither did I like this one. Neither did most others. PRODUCTION VALUES Very good in overall. This is the first work by studio White Fox, and I must say they do a splendid job in all the shows they animate (Katanagatari, Steins;Gates and Jormungand). The artwork is very detailed in backgrounds and clothing, although the character figures all feel generic. The animation, although sloppy at points, it is generally smooth. The battles scenes are semi-interesting as they have some basic choreography and bloody violence, yet in overall they are silly and boring. You never feel like they being serious about it. Voice acting is ok, albeit too obnoxious for some moe / sexy girls that simply NEED to sound like retards. The BGM is also nice with its blend of folklore and pop, but there are no memorable tunes in it.SCRIPT & CAST A demon lord is summoned by evil rulers to destroy the world, yet he joins the good guys against the evil empire. As interesting as it sounds, it is presented completely childishly to the point you are laughing even when they are trying to be serious. Here, let me explain to you what happens in the first episodes in order to get what I mean.- There is this evil king who wants to rule the world. So he summons the demon lord in order to destroy the world. And then the king can rule a destroyed world… Does that make any sense?- In order to summon the demon, the king needs to sacrifice a princess. The princess is willing to kill herself in order to prevent the summoning but when the king threatens to kill two random kids near by, she agrees to obey him. Yeah, as if the two kids won’t be killed by the demon, along with the rest of mankind. Makes no sense why she fell for that. - The demon lord is summoned but turns out the myths around him are all false. He kills the king and joins a tribe who are at war with an empire. And everybody doesn’t find that suspicious at all. After that he begins an expedition to become a ruler and along the way he increases his harem. That is right; he gets a new wife every few episodes. There are no erotic scenes in the anime version but the game has them in spades and that is why you don’t give a rat’s ass about story and backdrops there. For the same reason, the anime is silly and eventually forgettable. While the war escalates in an interesting way and the parties involved grow in numbers, the whole deal remains pretty basic and light to the most part. Despite being, you know, about a huge empire clashing with a demon lord for the sake of the whole world, you eventually get a silly fantasy adventure with two dimensional characters you won’t bother remembering outside the doujin you will read about them. Especially towards the end where the pace drops considerably and a big bad is introduced at the last moment for some flashy but shallow finale. LEGACY There isn’t anything worthwhile in this anime besides its good artwork. The plot is basic, the characters are generic, the action is almost silly. Just like the previous anime, it is too not really worthy of its hype. It’s based of a porn game for Pete’s sake, how good did you expect it would be? I do admit though it is also inferior to Utawaremono for having a less interesting story and weaker character chemistry. Other than that, I do not recommend it.

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