Tawawa on Monday 2

Alt title: Getsuyoubi no Tawawa 2

Web (12 eps x 6 min)
Fall 2021
3.262 out of 5 from 816 votes
Rank #9,868

A salaryman and a high school girl become friends as they ride the train together every Monday.

Source: Crunchyroll

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Here we go again with Season Two of Yokohama Animation Lab’s 2021 ecchi-orientated romcom. The format is the same as before with episodes weighing in at barely 4 minutes each. It kicks off with our odd-couple high schooler Ai-chan and her knight in shining armour – the older man we know only as “salaryman”. However, the plot quickly moves on to cover the stories of three different couples. First up is another high school girl Maegami-chan, who has a crush on her teacher, yet he keeps a professional distance and spurns her advances (even if he is fond of her). Just when you thought this would all turn into another version of “Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?” (Tear Studio 2019) the next potential romantic couple are “Senpai and Kouhai” who work together hence their relationship is free of any dodgy paedophile innuendo. Likewise, the third couple up are actually both high schoolers: “Cheerleader-chan” and her childhood friend “Baldy”. Whilst the funny relationships between the latter two couples doesn’t really reach any conclusion, Maegami and her Sensei move in together and getting engaged (after she leaves school). Their tale is pretty sweet and we find that the couple are former neighbours of the salaryman but now (by wonderful anime-universe coincidence) are neighbours of Ai. Ai and Maegami strike up a friendship in which there is a frank discussion about how society frowns upon her relationship with her former teacher. Inevitably, given the subject matter, the author/illustrator Kiseki Himura was no stranger to controversy having experienced the first original net animation (ONA) being taken down by YouTube in 2016 for “violating its Community Guidelines”. No doubt this may have influenced the subsequent desire to tackle the society’s attitudes to relationships between young girls and older men. It may have also influenced his desire to move on from the format in season two. This must have been a dilemma. How to make “normal” relationships quite so much fun? Season 2 ventures into territory better covered by ‘Ganbare Douki-chan’ (AtelierPontdarc 2021) and a hundred other teen high school romance comedies. Judge for yourself if the attempt has any novelty. Yet this has a charm all of its own. The episodes are not long enough to develop any in-depth plot lines but the audience will come to care for these characters. The insight into their lives is highly watchable. Entertaining, if too brief.

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