Tamayura: More Aggressive

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Tamayura: More Aggressive

It's the beginning of a new school year for Fuu and friends. With a new year comes new challenges as Fuu tries to open a photography club at her school.

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Story Tamayura: More Aggresive centers around the 5 teenagers Potte, Maon-chan, Kao-tan, Norie-chan and the newest addition to the group, Kanae-sempai. It is depicted to their daily life and school activities, but unless the first season of the series, focusses more strongly on Pottes newly found photography club and her activities bond to it. Compared to the first season, wich was ultra-slow-paced, this one seems supersonic compared to that, even though it is still pretty slow. However, since it is focussing on the photography club it manages to tell about more events connected to it, hence giving the impression of always having something going on. The story is still not as deep or progressing as a slice of life could have it, but it has noticeably improved. Animation and Sound The concept here has barely changed compared to season one: the music is still as fittingly slow-paced as before and the sceneries are fittingly pale. Progress has been made on Maon-chans whistling. It sound better now and hence is less annoying. Also, even though that might be my imagination, the overall anime seems to have become more colorful without ruining the mood it gives. Characters What was good for the story, namely centering on one character rather than many, had its good and bad influences on the character development. First things first, even though the second season does introduce new characters, they play, except Kanae-sempai, barely any role. Through them we do, however, learn a little more about Pottes father and the Maestro. The way Kanae-sempai seemed so similiar to Potte had me worried at first, but due to the more focussed and active plot both of them had their chance to actually make noticeable progress. The downside of this is, that the rest of the main cast hasn't progressed at all. Should you watch this? If you were able to enjoy the first season, you will probably enjoy this one even more. So, yes it is. If you have not watched the first season, don't sweat it. You actually don't have to to get what's going on. The anime takes it's time to reminiscent the most important things of the first season. There weren't many. I still have to say, that this anime, despite being less slow-paced than the first season, is still pretty slow. If you enjoy slice of life and/or the passion for photography and don't mind if things are idle, you should be able to enjoy this one.


What's up everyone?Today i'm gonna review Tamayura:MORE AGGRESSIVE....More aggressive....Not so sure about that,but stick around as we dive deep into the seas of depression. And let's begin with the obvious..2nd season..Why?What on god's green earth was so good about Tamayura in the first place? Well a good explanation to this might be that the creator didn't know when or how to stop and just kept on going and releasing more material..In a way i think we should thank him cause people would commit suicide out of pure boredom and that would free up space and would save the economy and the pension funds.Other than this brilliant plan i don't see a reason for this anime to exist. But then i got curious and decided to find out who is the man behind the scenes,and much to my surprise it was the same man who thought of Aria series...Yeah Aria the equivelant of a flesh eating disease...And i have to say this anime made me see Aria in a new light..The levels of boredom achieved by Tamayura are unbelievable,it makes Aria seem like an 80's action packed movie. So storywise it's almost the same thing as the previous season.Cute girls doing cute things,almost no story to speak of and a fluffy moe mascot cause we needed one in 5 mins.The new things that happen here are that Potte starts a photography club but only one girl ends up joining it.That new girl gets the most character development out of the entire cast and of the entirety of the series,but don't expect any fireworks to go with the development.It's very similar to the one that Potte had in the first season.The best/worst part was probably the attention to Potte’s dead father,but maybe they forgot that they did it in the first season.And they keep milking the dead cow...Meant dead dad story till the end of time.Honestly every ep is full of "let's introduce a character that's the dead cow's friend or mention the dead cow every 5 mins"..It's not only lazy but it serves no real purpose in my mind other than making the Fu cry for the 65436973256372536795672359th time.Speaking of crying there's also another character,by the name of Chihiro,whose one and only purpose is cry and cry and cry...Seriously each time she makes an appearance she utters some words and bursts into tears..Some character she is,right?And believable i might add! And as for the rest of the gals…Well they definitely were there but they have been reduced to simply being there and being disgustingly stereotypical.It's not that in the 1st season they were the best characters out there but they had more presence and more flare.So they introduced a new character to spice things up a bit but forgot that there were other characters in the show basically.Honestly if you take out every side character it won't make a blind bit of difference. I'm hardly pressed to find anything new with this new series..Things that have been done to the fullest in the 1st season are done in this one as well,nothing new,it's like watching 1st season on repeat only the characters are worse.It's like the creator started this franchise with a vague idea of where to go,midway through forgot he had to go somewhere and settled in a cheap motel for the rest of his life. Review made possible listening to Cosmic Psychos - Whip Me

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