TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls

TV (12 eps)
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Even with her “miracle ball,” junior high student Yomi Takeda’s pitching career ended in heartbreak. When she reunites with childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki in high school, the only person who could catch her signature pitch, it rekindles her passion to play. To fulfill the promise made to each other as kids, she’s eager to step up to the plate again.

Source: Funimation

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It Is Distressing To Be ProYomi Takeda was a pro pitcher of her school's team in junior high. However, she was the only ace in her club and other club's players could never catch up with Yomi, hence Yomi quits baseball, graduates from junior high, and enrolls at Shin Koshigaya High School. At Shin Koshigaya, Yomi meets her childhood friend Tamaki, who is also a skilled baseball player, as well as a catcher that has the needed talent to pick Yomi's strongest ball. Together, the two can finally fulfill their childhood promise and start their baseball journey once again.Cute Girls Doing Cute ThingsThere are sports series that focus seriously on the sport, they use the sport to develop the story, or build up tension for the viewer and there are also sport series that are basically cute girls doing cute things. And as you might have already understood, Tamayomi is exactly cute girls doing cute things type of the anime. And the good thing about that is that the series does not try to hide what it is trying to be, it never gives any hints that this series is going to be somehow similar to Major, or One Outs. The story makes sense overall, but the only problem is that it lacks uniqueness, something as small as a grain that would make this series more memorable.Animation and OSTAnimation wise it is absolutely fine. The animators pay attention to how players' uniforms should look like, background also looks fine, as well as the fact that all characters look different. Another thing I just cannot ignore is the girls' legs, their height and their legs somewhat do not match, to say the least. But well, I guess this how the manga creator sees it, so it is fine. The OST also does its job, making this series what it is: cute girls doing cute things.Characters Could Have Been BetterAll characters do show some signs of development, their backstories, as well as dreams are shown well. They never are annoying, they give a laid back feel to the viewer and never fail to be what they are. However, just like with the story, the characters suffer from flatness, their flashbacks are sometimes too random, the dialogues are just boring, which makes the characters nothing but boring. It is not the level they are so bad that this series is horrible and unwatchable, they are neither good, nor bad, they are just 'fine'.Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls Manages To Be What It IsThe series does have some fan service, but it is not overused, like some series do it. The storyline, as well as the characters are fine, but there is nothing unique and interesting about them. Do not expect something similar to One Outs, this series, as it has been mentioned many times in my review, is about cute girls, doing cute things. It is just that monotonous SoL that is okay to watch from time to time, but when you try to marathon it, you will hate it, hence I recommend you to watch this series little by little, if cute girls doing cute things is what you are looking for, if not, avoid this series.Story: 5;Animation: 7;OST: 7;Characters: 5;Overall: 6.

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