TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls

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Even with her “miracle ball,” junior high student Yomi Takeda’s pitching career ended in heartbreak. When she reunites with childhood friend Tamaki Yamazaki in high school, the only person who could catch her signature pitch, it rekindles her passion to play. To fulfill the promise made to each other as kids, she’s eager to step up to the plate again.

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Hi baseball fans. Here is a detailed review of TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls. It is an underwhelming, low-rated anime that overachieved itself. Story: 15 points The story follows Yomi Takeda (a pitcher), Tamaki Yamazaki (a catcher), and the suspended baseball club at Shin Koshigaya High School (HS). The two girls are childhood friends who spent countless days playing catch and throw with each other before going their separate ways in middle school. One the first day of their new HS lives they suddenly and unexpectedly reunite. Yomi is so overjoyed that they decide to play some catch after school on the HS baseball field. In a manner of minutes their talent level is exposed and they decide to restart the suspended baseball club, along with fellow classmate enthusiasts Ibuki and Yoshino. Little by little, the club grows until a full team of nine players, a faculty advisor, and a team manager are gathered. They decide to make a common goal, and that is to play in the Japanese nationals in baseball, and indirectly bringing back the glory of the past Shin Koshigaya HS girl’s baseball team as being a powerhouse team that deserves to play in the nationals. The plot is a common theme often used in anime; a washed-up club or team comprised of greatly varying players comes together, trains hard and plays hard, and goes from nobodies to respected somebodies all in the manner of just one single anime season. Impressive, right? No, not really. A similar story evolves in anime like Princess Nine, Taisho Baseball Girls, or Harukana Receive just to name a few that I have seen prior to this. So is TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls bad then? No, not at all. It is true that this is not a brand new take on a common theme. However, it is also true that the story is still interesting and enjoyable to watch since the pacing is done very well, it is an easy follow, there is just enough character development to compliment the plot, and there is enough trials and tribulations that the cast experiences along the way to keep things fresh enough to continue. Before moving on, one important thing to note is the ending. Unless there is a second season in the series’ future, then the ending is a considerable let down, but not unexpected from the solid pacing and limited 12 episodes (thus far anyway). Animation:  3 points If anything, this where the anime shows one of its greatest non-existent strengths. If that sounds confusing, then to be blunt…the art and animation suck! The anime is colorful much of the time, but the art is simple in design, the overall animation is clunky, and the CG elements practically ruin the baseball enjoyment and intensity because it is bad, just bad; bad even by anime standards. Sound:  6 points The sound effects are the best part of the overall audio. The clinging of the ball and bat when they connect, the sound of when the baseball hits the glove, and the other occasional sounds that you here when the girls are on the diamond playing ball. Music wise, anything in the background is easily forgotten, while the OP and ED are at least average and/or tolerable. Characters:  15 points The players that make up both the Shin Koshigaya HS girls' baseball club and team are the only characters I am going to focus on since all the others are practically minor ones. Prior to the details, I will say that the entire lot of personalities fall somewhere in the middle of worst to best. Like the story aspect of TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls, they do not make or break the anime; they maintain a steady course of average. There is limited development of the characters, but enough varying personality to differentiate them from among one another. The club consists of nine players, a player manager, and school faculty advisor, Miss Fujii, who is the only secondary character in this anime, which is a 100% accurate assessment of all the remaining cast. Of the nine baseball players, seven of them are first year students, including both Yomi and Tamaki. Although neither of them is the team captain (Rei, center fielder, is bestowed that privilege), both girls are the backbone of the story, especially Yomi. She is a borderline eternal optimist who gets completely excited when the odds are stacked against her. In a weird sort of way, she has a similar personality as Goku does from the Dragon Ball Universe (DBU). When facing almost unbeatable odds or an overpowered opposing player, she gets super excited rather than scared and cannot wait to go into battle. Plus, she never puts her own desires and ambitions ahead of the team's winning objective in the same fashion that Goku does not put himself ahead of protecting his family and friends. Besides their individual kickass passions, where they differ is that Yomi appears to be somewhat of an airhead, but is actually above average intelligent, whereas Goku is not. He is just a likeable idiot, but I digress with the DBU comparisons here on out. Tamaki on the other hand is a well-rounded player and student, who happens to be the only catcher that has been able to handle Yomi's insane breaking ball. If I had to identify this pitch, I would consider it a fictitious variation of an actual slurve, or slider-curveball hybrid, except hers moves at a near fastball speed and breaks both top to bottom, right to left like no realistic pitch ever could. So while it is an amazing pitch she throws, it is perhaps even more impressive that Tamaki is able to handle it as the team's catcher. The fact that she is an above average hitter makes her and Yomi an excellent first year duo. Now to briefly mention the other players, I will start with the team captain, Rei, and fellow second year student, Risa. When the baseball club gets suspended in their first year, both of them decide to maintain the field, equipment, locker room, and prevent the club from being dismantled altogether. In that regard, they are the all-stars of the team for all the hard work they have done in order to keep baseball alive at Shin Koshigaya HS. Then you have the remaining first year players on the team in Ibuki, Nozomi, Ryo, Shiragiku, and Sumire. Ibuki and Shiragiku have absolutely no prior experience at the game of baseball. However, Ibuki has an uncanny ability to perfectly mimic any pitching and/or hitting style almost instantly, which actually gives her great vision when at bat. She draws a base on balls more than anyone by far. Shiragiku is the reigning national Japanese girls Kendo champion, who has always has an interest in wanting to try baseball. The strength she has from being a renown martial artist is what makes her deadly at the plate and quite athletic. Ryo, shortstop, and Sumire, second base, are friends who happen to play in other leagues outside of school. They are talented enough to be first year starters on other mid-level teams, but they are memorable for always teasing each other when they are fielding the ball. Nozomi is a near freak-of-nature hitter who has as nearly excellent vision as Ibuki, but is an awesome contact hitter who manages to strikeout the least due to putting the ball in play the most. She does get a little envious of Shiraguki's raw power, which makes her quite competative towards only her. It can be funny at times. Finally, the last remaining student on the team is Yoshino, the player manager. She has near god-level intuition when assessing any player's strengths, weaknesses, and overall abilities. She knows how to manage in-game situations almost flawlessly. She is quite possibly the freakiest freak on the team, perhaps more than Yomi. Yoshino does not play the game, but damn, she can lead a team from the bench during games and team practices. Her twitching pigtails is actually quite amusing too. Overall:  59/100 points My favorite sport is baseball, and as long as an anime can do some justice in the telling of a baseball story, then I am hard-pressed not to at least score it decently, which is exactly what TAMAYOMI: The Baseball Girls is, decent. Plus, consider the lower score it has up to the point of me publishing this review, I had rather low expectations for the anime. Considering that fact, it is a much better anime than the ratings suggest. Entertainment Score: 14 points Achievement Score: +6 to Overall My expectations were Low, and it delivered Above those expectations. Age Rating: TV-6+ Additional Information: Video Format:  FHD (1080p) Streaming Audio Format:  English dubbed Publisher:  FUNimation Equipment Used:  LG 60UH6550 4K TV, Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar System SB3651-E6, Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S5200


It Is Distressing To Be ProYomi Takeda was a pro pitcher of her school's team in junior high. However, she was the only ace in her club and other club's players could never catch up with Yomi, hence Yomi quits baseball, graduates from junior high and enrolls in Shin Koshigaya High School. At Shin Koshigaya, Yomi meets her childhood friend Tamaki, who is also a skilled baseball player, as well as a catcher that has the needed talent to pick Yomi's strongest ball. Together, the two can finally fulfill their childhood promise and start their baseball journey once again.Cute Girls Doing Cute ThingsThere are sports series that focus seriously on the sport, they use the sport to develop the story, or build up the tension for the viewer and there are also sport series that are basically cute girls doing cute things. And as you might have already understood it, Tamayomi is exactly cute girls doing cute things type of the anime. And the good thing about that is that the series does not try to hide what it is trying to be, it never gives any hints that this series is going to be somehow similar to Major, or One Outs. The story makes sense overall, but the only problem is that it lacks uniqueness, something as small as a grain that would make this series more memorable.Animation and OSTAnimation wise it is absolutely fine. The animators pay attention to how players' uniforms should look like, background also looks fine, as well as the fact that all characters look different. Another thing I just cannot ignore is the girls' legs, their height and their legs somewhat do not match, to say the least. But well, I guess this is how the manga creator sees it, so it is fine. The OST also does its job, making this series what it is: cute girls doing cute things.Characters Could Have Been BetterAll characters do show some signs of development, their backstories, as well as dreams are shown well. They never are annoying, they give a laid back feel to the viewer and never fail to be what they are. However, just like with the story, the characters suffer from flatness, their flashbacks are sometimes too random, the dialogues are just boring, which makes the characters average. It is not the level, they are so bad that this series is horrible and unwatchable, they are neither good, nor bad, they are just 'fine'.Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls Manages To Be What It IsThe series does have some fan service, but it is not overused, like some series do it. The storyline, as well as the characters are fine, but there is nothing unique and interesting about them. Do not expect something similar to One Outs, this series, as it has been mentioned many times in my review, is about cute girls, doing cute things. It is just that monotonous SoL that is okay to watch from time to time, but when you try to marathon it, you will hate it, hence I recommend you to watch this series little by little, if cute girls doing cute things is what you are looking for, if not, avoid this series.

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