Tamako Love Story

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Tamako Love Story

While everyone else is excited about high school finally coming to an end, Tamako has a sad realization: getting older means losing touch with friends as they drift off to new lives. While Tamako’s friends all seem to have big plans and amazing dreams, Tamako’s never thought beyond staying right where she is, working in her family’s mochi shop. But maybe she won’t be as alone as she thinks, because there may be someone who wants to make plans that include Tamako. Time is running out, and as the days count down before he leaves for university, Mochizo Ooji must find a way to overcome his shyness and confess his feelings. As two young people walk alone on diverging paths, what will it take for them to find each other in TAMAKO LOVE STORY?

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Adyth May 9, 2016
Score 9.1/10

this is exactly what i want when i finish watchin comedy/slice of life anime. in the series bunch of friends doing stuff around ,a lot of laughing moments and so on... and AFTER u will get a movie where main characters express love each other ,this is exactly the top of anime like this ,very good job , it wasnt tht emotional like Beyond the Boundary: Mirai-hen for example but its great... read more

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corkboard Apr 19, 2015
Score 10/10

For fans of Tamako Market, there could not be a better follow up.  It has all the carefree slice-of-life entertainment that you loved from Tamako Market coupled with a forward-driving plot that doesn't leave you feeling like you just wasted eighty minutes of your life.  (I do love a comic show where something actually happens; where the end really does bring some kind of resolution.) Very well written... read more

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