Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~

Movie (1 ep x 110 min)
3.914 out of 5 from 3,100 votes
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In a mythical kingdom, the mighty Imperial Knights harness a magical substance known as Aer to power their weapons and protect humanity from the monsters of the forest. But something strange is afoot. The Aer is somehow changing, causing the wilderness to waste away and stirring the woodland beasts to attack with greater frequency. As danger creeps steadily closer to civilization, two young recruits - Flynn, the rigid son of a fallen hero, and the rebellious and brash Yuri - must ride with their fellow Imperial Knights to distant ruins in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the transforming Aer. Some will not survive the thrilling journey. Some will be betrayed. If Flynn and Yuri cannot overcome their differences and learn to fight together, all will be lost for the people of the realm.

Source: Funimation

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A Special little treat for a Tales fan like me. As my name implies, I am a Tales fan, therefore it might seem a little biased, but it's still fair. The story is a prequal to the game and it is about Yuri's time in the knights. To fully understand some minor details, you would need to have played the game, but it doesn't matter, the story still proved to be interesting enough that non Tales might enjoy just as much. The animation is clean and nice, as expected from Production I.G. Shading might be a little scarce, but it is hardly noticable and a tradition of Production I.G.'s works. Oh yeah, I've never seen such epic blood before in an anime. XD The seiyuus did the voices really well and each one fitted the personality of the characters. The theme song for TOV is also present in the movie, which made me shed a tear for nostalgia. The characters themselves are excellent, with a few cameos from the game. The twins were an instant hit with me, perhaps I just have this thing for twins... well, I didn't like Futakoi (another anime about twins) though. Not to mention, the main character was already badass in the original game. His personality is excellent because he shows raw emotions (not like some people who want to save the world and is nice to everyone blah blah blah). anyways, you won't be dissapointed with the characters. In the end, the movie proved a lot better than I thought. Anyone who wants a good fantasy anime movie will be happy with this.   

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