Talentless Nana

Alt title: Munou na Nana

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2020
3.735 out of 5 from 5,608 votes
Rank #2,818

In the year 20XX, these teenagers with special powers attend specialized schools to hone their abilities. And then there’s Nana, who was sent to attend one of these schools but doesn’t actually have a unique ability. Can she defeat the Enemies of Humanity with her brains and wit?

Source: Funimation

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(SPOILERS)Talentless Nana, its a story about murdering people with superpowers that is unkillable by a normal person.Yet Nana a person without anypowers has gotten the task to kill these people. So she has to use any manipulative skills in her arsenal to achieve this. Story 7/10The first episode sets the mood of what we are going to see, we are first introduced to what seems like our Mc and then we are laiter introduced to Nana, and we see them building a bond just for her to kill our fake Mc and becomes the real mc. Let me remind you all of this happened in the first episode. The story is good and has alot of plots and twist, and this type of genre ''a traiotour among us'' is really new ive only seen it once before in the anime series '' Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers''Eventhough it's a new genre, it has alot of flaws. An example could be that shes actually exposed alot as a killer but individual, and those people are never spreading that Nana is a killer which is unlikely to happen. (i would have told anyone if i knew who has been killing people left and right)And it feels a little bit repetitive with everyone exposing her individual.Animation 8/10The animation is good, i dont see any flaws and it lives up to the 2020 standards. I especially likes that it sometimes shows Nana's ''two faces'' And i like the expression it has to some of the faces of these characters.Sound 8/10The intro is good, and the outro. The voice acting is spot on. Characters 8/10Alot to say here, the fact that we can see both perspective of nana and the one being hunted/killed by nana, is just perfect cause we can see both sides of the stories. We can see why Nana wants to kill them (eventhough i belive Nana herself is being manipulated into killing them) and we can see the other characters stories and confucion as to why they are being hunted/killed by this ''cute'' and freindly character. The interaction of Nana and Michiru is really complex, on one hand we have a schemer and on the other we have a simple pure girl, and episodes 12 really showed their relationship being experimented on.The character developement of Nana is slow but good once it hits, and it really shows how one person can change someones life.Overall 7.5/10Ever trusted someone? just for them to yeet you out of a cliff? Welcome to Talentless Nana(My bad for any misspelings or wrong grammars) (Also the 2 last episodes were amasing i hope this gets an season 2)

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