Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
Fall 2017
1.733 out of 5 from 362 votes
Rank #9,601
Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san

It's the closing years of the Taisho era, a turbulent time when the military empire of Japan is rising to go to war with the world. The protagonist, Hiiragi Kyoichiro, has come to the Imperial Capital, Tokyo, to attend Imperial University. He is determined to pursue a scholar's path and become a great man back in his hometown. But now the Japanese army has set its sights on Kyoichiro, because of a special ability that he possesses. As a result of a terrible illness from his youth, Kyoichiro gained the ability to see the spirits of the dead.

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A Fateful Arrival in Tokyo image

Episode 1

A Fateful Arrival in Tokyo

Souls of the Imperial Capital image

Episode 2

Souls of the Imperial Capital

The Army Reserve Corps image

Episode 3

The Army Reserve Corps

Noblesse Oblige image

Episode 4

Noblesse Oblige

Path of the Root image

Episode 5

Path of the Root

What Are Souls of the Dead? image

Episode 6

What Are Souls of the Dead?

Chance Meeting image

Episode 7

Chance Meeting

In Order to Fight image

Episode 8

In Order to Fight

Asking and Asked image

Episode 9

Asking and Asked

Right and Wrong image

Episode 10

Right and Wrong

The Light Ahead image

Episode 11

The Light Ahead

Taisho Mebiusline image

Episode 12

Taisho Mebiusline

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LeonardDMercy's avatar
LeonardDMercy Jan 2, 2018
Score 7/10

I really liked it but wish the epsiodes where long but they did do very will on following the story and the characthers where amazing. I do recomend people read the visual novel and the play the game which is on both the PC and PSvita.  read more

sydney0303's avatar
sydney0303 Jan 1, 2018
Score 7/10

Honestly, I just wish that the episodes were longer. The story as so much potential to develop into something amazing but with the episodes being so short it is incredibly hard to let the story develop. Other than that the animation is beautiful and cute, the sound was on point and has good music, and the characters clearly have their own personalities and kinks. read more

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