Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Alt title: Taisho Otome Otogibanashi

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2021
4.013 out of 5 from 2,081 votes
Rank #890

In Taisho-era Japan, 17 year-old Tamahiko Shima loses the use of his right hand in an accident that also claims the life of his mother. He is sent away to live in a remote area of Chiba prefecture, isolated so his disability doesn't bring shame to his wealthy family. Bitter at the betrayal, Tamahiko has given up on life until a bright ray of sunshine knocks on his door in the form of Yuzuki Tachibana, a petite young girl who announces she has been purchased by Tamahiko's father to become his bride! As the pessimistic boy and his innocent, eternally optimistic bride-to-be adjust to their new living situation, Tamahiko comes to understand what it means to cherish someone, and slowly begins to see that he is neither useless nor worthless - regardless of what his father might think. Little by little, he finds himself changing under Yuzu's positive influence.

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What a blast! Initial impression just from the settings of the early 20th century Japan before even watching kept me rather sceptical, because one could expect a Japanese historical drama for history nerds and Japanologists. Or even worse given the circumstances of the main characters it could be yet another sermon on women’s right, equality, etc. Surprisingly it goes in exact opposite direction. It spits in the face of that very idea by having main female character, who is content with the fact she has been put into arranged marriage and tries to do her best to fulfil that role. Her attitude is very optimistic to contrast with very pessimistic male lead. Her state doesn’t make her bitter. To insult even more common modern sensibilities, she is the ideal house wife – cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc. A strong sense of virtue, kindness and good is radiating from Yuzuki throughout the series. It turns desert into green pastures. No wonder the main male character feels unworthy of her and he has no choice but to fall in love with her. I like the romance in the series. It isn’t as sterile as usually shounen anime romances are. There were some parts, that were bit boring even, if necessary, in a sense [1]. The male lead is banished by his father and he feels very useless, but he finds his place (life purpose and goals) not just by meeting the Yuzuki also by his interaction with other characters. Overall, the story of two people, who in misfortune fall in love and find happiness together is very sweet and enjoyable. I recommend the series to anyone who wants heart-warming story with simple romance and friendship without much drama. The animation and visuals are ok, music is good and the OP is quite nice. Spoilers [1] The arc with school and friendship with Shiratori.


Taisho Otome Fairy Tale is a very heart warming, and wholesome anime that tugs at my heart strings.  To begin with, Tamahiko is very pessimistic about life after losing his mother , and getting a disabled arm in a car accident. He finds it difficult to sleep at night. He is constantly distressed, and suffers from insomnia. His household is wealthy but lacks the warmth and tenderness of a family. This character is really easily relatable to people who suffer from constant family problems. One day his father buys him a wife named Yuzuki. Yuzuki's family was in debt. They sold their daughter to repay their debt. Her small and petite figure makes it hard to reach tall and high places.  Yuzuki is like a spring storm  bursting with energy, cheerfulness, and optimism. To me, she is like a glorious ray of sunshine that illuminates despair. When she encounters Tamahiko, she sees his clumsy kindness. Tamahiko covers her in winter garments to keep her warm during the snowy winter weather. Yuzuki and Tamahiko experience really romantic moments. Yuzuki teaches Tamahiko to let go of his pessimism. He gradually learns to care for others, and his world becomes warmer and brighter.  The anime describe Yuzuki as an otome - a maiden, sweet smelling as a flower. A single bud blooming in a tranquil garden, pure and dignified. Too shy to even speak of love or romance, she dares not allow herself to dream of a kiss. Even so she blooms again dreaming of happiness beyond the stars.  Overall, I thought this anime was really romantic. Yuzuki reminds me of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. She is very wholesome. She is grateful and appreciative for what she has. She is also very gentle, and has a positive outlook of life. They both remind me of an ideal house wife. They both let you experience unconditional romance,  and the gentleness of love This anime has a lot of character development. Even characters that were originally evil and twisted became likeable characters like Tamako and Ryou. I was satisfied with seeing the characters mature, and Yuzuki's wholesomeness. 

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