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Terulus: a world destroyed by a haywire terraformer where destructive earthquakes, constant danger and wildlife mutations are a fact of life. Those who survived built giant mobile cities to withstand the tremors, and pass the time with dangerous, no-holds-barred races – the same races that caused the famous champion Loser King to go missing a hundred years ago. Determined racer Shiro Tomoe wants nothing more than to live up to the Loser King's legend, but a terrible accident leaves him nearly dead – that is, until Tomoe, an inventor with her own motives, replaces his heart with a prototype engine. Now, Shiro's performance is tied to his very heartbeat, and success, or failure, will determine his fate.

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Melourn Aug 29, 2011
Score 8.5/10

Story: 8 Tailenders is a short but fast-paced, bad-ass animated film that will rock your socks! When it first started, a narrator gave some background on the history of the planet, Terulus, and it's mishaps with a terraformer gone berserk or haywire. Soon after, the scene jumps right into the actual story, quick and qithout hesitation. There isn't much of a plot, other than that Shiro (the main character)... read more

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megafat Dec 14, 2018
Score 8/10

Back in 2009, when Redline was released, it got a lot of praise and attention for it’s fantastic animation and artstyle as well as it’s great fast paced action and colorful characters. But there was another similar highly stylized and fast paced racing anime that was released around the same time. That went relatively unnoticed due to the attention that Redline was getting. That anime was... read more



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