Tactical Roar

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In the western Pacific Ocean there is an everlasting cyclone known as the Grand Roar which has changed Earth's climate for the worse. As a result, air travel is no longer feasible, naval travel has become the norm for transporting goods, and a new age of sea pirates has begun. The female-manned Pascal Magi is an escort ship which protects other traveling vessels, and is led by the no-nonsense Misaki Nanaha. Hyousuke Nagimiya is an engineer who has been assigned to update the Pascal Magi's systems, but he soon learns that his estranged sister is none other than Misaki herself. Hyousuke now travels the seas with the crew of the Pascal Magi, observing as they help to protect the sea and prevent the military's disbanding of the ship.

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I cannot say enough my disappointment after watching this a let down well I guess it was to be expected the studio who develop this is not very famous and the story is a total whack.   Story 3 out of 10   the story is a joke and confusing and doesn't make sense at all according to the Synopsis and by watching the anime a few years ago something call the Great Roar which is a giant Cyclone as change the Earth's climate and so air travel is not longer a option but in the very first episode one of the main character name Hyousuke Nagimiya is arriving by PLANE to his destination so that's the first contradiction to the story and Synopsis after that the story is had to keep up and they are many loose end that never get resolution the main male lead is useless and is not eve need it in the whole story just for the romance between him and the captain who is his step-sister beyond that is a sad story they try to incorporate to many plots in the anime which none got a proper resolution I really can't say anything more is just SAD .     Animation 8 out of 10     To my enjoyment i really like the animation is was good clean crystal colors and well design and very likeable that is why it piss me the hell off that was ruined by a crappy Story.     Sound 6 out of 10   IT was okay nothing remarkable sometimes it was a little off and the opening and ending theme was not really suited for this anime what i mean is the lyrics for the songs is more for like a romance anime which they try to integrated in the anime but fail poorly .     Characters 8 out of  10      I really like the characters they were really well done and unique to my opinion but like i said they kill it with the story besides that they were quite a few character that were show in the anime which never get a proper introduction that drove me bananas there was this girl really cute well drawn which appear in many episodes in which the camera is fix on her but even until the end of the anime u never get to know WHO THE HELL IS SHE no me they just try to fill empty space another useless character was the male lead Hyousuke Nagimiya he was off no use at all in the all anime he was only there to add some romance to the anime which is not good at all the anime could have done the same even if he was not in the anime .     Overall 4 out of 10     DON'T WATCH  IT,  is a waste of time really i will never get back the 6 and half hours back in my life that took my to watch this anime, I mainly decided to write this review because no one had done one for this anime so i leave this here was a warning to those who are trying to find a good anime to watch and so u won't get stuck with this belief me i had watch anime's even when some of the reviews i read say that is a bad anime which some of them were wrong but this one dear god when i saw the ending i try to strangle my self with the cord of my mouse but to my bad luck i just had switch to a wireless mouse so u can either leasing to what i say in this review or watch this anime just don't blame me if u try to smash u computer monitor when u watch the ending because the only this that i was looking forward was if the male lead  was going to end up together his step-sister or the pilot of  jet onboard the ship which was a disappointment.

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