Symphogear GX

Alt title: Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX

TV (13 eps)
3.746 out of 5 from 888 votes
Rank #2,310
Symphogear GX

After the frontier incident, everyone who knew the circumstances believed the Noise were gone and the pain they caused was at an end. But a new conflict approached unseen. In the Yokohama Harbor Oosan-bashi Pier, a new pattern is detected that is similar to the Noise. A combat group wielding mysterious technology stands in the way of Hibiki and the others. When she hears of this enemy of unprecedented strength, Tsubasa hurries back home from England. But the Symphogear users see no opening to counterattack are forced into a difficult fight. In this situation of extreme disparity, the battle for the song that will end the world begins.

Source: MoCa News

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Murderer of Miracles image

Episode 1

Murderer of Miracles

Before I Destroy the World image

Episode 2

Before I Destroy the World

Twilight of the Wielders image

Episode 3

Twilight of the Wielders

Gungnir, Once More image

Episode 4

Gungnir, Once More

Edge works image

Episode 5

Edge works

Drawn Blade image

Episode 6

Drawn Blade

Carry on the Shining Light, and Stay True to Yourself image

Episode 7

Carry on the Shining Light, and Stay True to Yourself

The Courage to Face It image

Episode 8

The Courage to Face It

The Middle of a Dream image

Episode 9

The Middle of a Dream

It's So Cruel, But... image

Episode 10

It's So Cruel, But...

It's All Right. Everything Is Just Fine image

Episode 11

It's All Right. Everything Is Just Fine

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