Alt title: Senki Zesshou Symphogear

TV (13 eps)
3.305 out of 5 from 3,019 votes
Rank #4,139

In a world where aliens known as "The Noise" threaten the earth, only one thing can protect the human race: the magical armor Symphogear. But in order to save their world, the Symphogear wearers will have to learn from the tragedies of the past. 

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Awakening Heartbeat image

Episode 1

Awakening Heartbeat

Noise and Disharmony image

Episode 2

Noise and Disharmony

Passing in the Night image

Episode 3

Passing in the Night

Falling Tears image

Episode 4

Falling Tears

From the Bottom of Darker image

Episode 5

From the Bottom of Darker

Where Omens Lead image

Episode 6

Where Omens Lead

Fate Just Keeps Firing image

Episode 7

Fate Just Keeps Firing

No Shadows in the Sunlight image

Episode 8

No Shadows in the Sunlight

Protector's Song image

Episode 9

Protector's Song

What Only Clasped Hands Can Create image

Episode 10

What Only Clasped Hands Can Create

Shoot the Moon image

Episode 11

Shoot the Moon

Symphogear image

Episode 12


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Bacon41's avatar
Bacon41 Dec 25, 2018
Score 6.8/10

Secret Santa Review Sometimes, while consuming a piece of media, it becomes clear that it's an echo of something that came before. Often this is intentional and used used to great effect (such as how Bioshock is a clear spiritual successor to System Shock 2), whereas other times it's simply a case of the creators not removing enough of their influences (such as how James Bond 007: Blood Stone is clearly... read more

Kaijo's avatar
Kaijo Oct 5, 2013
Score 4.8/10

During my time on Earth, I have seen the evolution of the magical girl genre. It started with Magical Witch Sally, where she was just a normal magic-using girl, using her powers to help everyday people with everyday things. Sailor Moon changed the formula, by adding power-up sequences and flashy attacks. Also action and a storyline that progressed, instead of being stand alone episodes. And then came Magical... read more

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