Sword Gai: The Animation Part II

Web (12 eps x 24 min)
2.681 out of 5 from 433 votes
Rank #6,412
Sword Gai: The Animation Part II

While the cursed power of Shiryu grows stronger within Gai each day, both Shoshidai and the mysterious Gabi continue their mission to protect mankind.

Source: Netflix

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JohnnyVuArts's avatar
JohnnyVuArts Aug 1, 2018
Score 3/10

So I want to start off by saying I did generally enjoy the first season or part 1 of this series. Or at least the idea's presented in it and it made me interested in another season. Boy was I wrong. Essentially season two was just a slog of too many idea's and storylines that lead to death and nowhere. Death is just feels like an excuse to be edgey without much thought beyond that. There is little to no... read more

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