Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld: Part II

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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld: Part II

It is the second day of the final stress test. The army of darkness, driven to desperation by the coordinated onslaught at the hands of the Integrity Knights, has begun to retaliate with incredibly reckless tactics. Critter, who had been observing the events of the Underworld from the outside, has successfully bolstered the forces of the army of darkness. Asuna, unable to compete with such a level reinforcement, begins to sink into depair. But all is not lost! Two new deities of the Underworld will descend to lend their aid: The Blazing White Solus and the Earthmother Terraria. And the ones in possession of these super-accounts are none other than Sinon and Leafa!

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Part 1 was a waste of time The first part of War of the Underworld had nothing worth writing about. It was just nobodies fighting nobodies and nothing came out of it once it was over since they never mattered to begin with. In fact, everything that doesn’t have to do with Kirito or his harem is completely boring. I mean, what exactly am I supposed to think? Man, this is so thrilling, I can’t wait to see if nobody no1 shoots nobody no2, especially when the episode ends with a cliffhanger. These characters are really important and I care about them. And I am sure it’s not going to be fake tension for stopping in such a way. I mean, why would they end the episode with a cliffhanger if these nobodies are not going to actually shoot each other? The second part is when something actually happens, because Kirito’s harem goes in the game to kick ass and crave for his dirk as per usual. This does not mean it finally got good as the fanboys keep saying for every new season. It’s still the same crap; just not a complete waste of time. The thing that was a waste of time was the previous season, since once Kirito’s harem (Klein included) literally deux ex machine-ed in the war and stopped everything with hax powers, it rendered everything that the denizens of this world were fighting over to be completely pointless. Why bother doing anything if gamers with hax powers can save the day whenever they feel like it? There is still rape Despite the bold claims of the fanboys regarding ‘Kawahara no longer has rapist villains in Alicization’, there are four of them in this season. Women are still being sexually violated, and it still involves tentacles. At least Kawahara manages to subvert your expectations by not repeat the exact same ideas all the time:-One of the victims saved herself. Yay, Kirito is not saving every single girl for adding her to his harem. He saved every single one of them besides Leefa. Because she was already part of his harem. -The first rapists is a woman. Yay, now women can be just as horrible.-The second rapist is the slug from the second arc-The third rapist does it only mentally and only because he gets orgasms by betraying his best friends and sending them to be murdered by good people. Such amazing writing as one can expect from SAO.-The fourth rapist is the default one. We still need a classic rapist for comparison’s sake.And that is how Reki Kawahara shows us how much he has improved as a writer. Just disregard the fact that the rape scenes last for several minutes and the camera deliberately zooms to the girls’ privates. Just so the sleezy otakus can jerk off to the tentacle rape before proclaiming SAO is now officially a great series. Let’s congratulate Reki Kawahara for finally becoming a great writer. I mean, he’s still using tentacle rape and one dimensional rapists as a cheap way for making you hate the villains instead of bothering to give them depth, but that is nitpicking. Kirito is still overpowered Let’s not forget the biggest improvement of them all. Kirito is to the most part a vegetable, because he is in a coma… while also being in a coma in the real world. Comaception! He is no longer an OP self insert that does all the work and overshadows all the rest. And that is why Kirito becomes Jesus: -All women love him and want to have his babies despite being a vegetable-Everybody constantly mentions his name as means to find hope and courage despite being a vegetable-Out of nowhere, magic trinkets that didn’t exist up until that point appear through the power of convoluted bullshit and Kirito plot armors Shinon despite being a vegetable. This doesn’t contradict the claims of the fanboys regarding Kirito not being overpowered and everyone not relying on him anymore. Also, Kirito has received an amazing character development, from a ridiculously overpowered guy who wins all the time because he is a generic power fantasy for gamers, to a vegetable who gets all the pussy without having to do a thing. SAO is now officially a great series that will make all haters to change their minds. All you have to do is watch 4 seasons until it gets good. If you don’t, you never gave it a chance until it got good, you impatient hater!And what did you know, that vegetable of a main character eventually regains his consciousness when his waifus are entering the game in order to tell him how amazing he is as a vegetable. Who would have thought that out of all the supposed deep themes and complex terminology this series is full of, the answer to how you can return the ridiculously broken main character back to being ridiculously broken and rendering pointless everything that everybody is else is doing, is to give him his waifus. And what did you know, as soon as he woke up, he instantly became the strongest being in existence. Because, as we were promised by the dickriders of this abomination, Kirito is not overpowered in this season. He struggles, he has to work really hard, and is never the strongest. And that is why he wakes up from a coma and is instantly the strongest being in existence. Because Kawahara really improved his writing. Remember when Kirito woke up from SAO and was completely skinny and weak? That was bad writing apparently, and Kawahara improved it by letting you do anything you want just by imaging it. That’s what realism is all about. Imagining yourself waking up from a coma and instantly becoming the strongest being in existence. SAO finally got good, guys; it is not a power fantasy as many haters lie all over the internet. Kirito’s harem stops being relevant and only stares at him doing the whole work here on, because they know they are useless when he’s around. Kirito then does some insane things, such as:-Instantly freezing the entire enemy army and not a single friendly soldier. How did he do that? By not being overpowered.-Summoning Eugeo’s ghost for magically fixing his sword. How did he do that? By wanting it obviously. Don’t you pay attention to the videogame rules? -Making all the enemies to evaporate without letting the one dimensional rapist to become stronger by absorbing their life force. How did he do that? Well we don’t know how videogames work in the future so we cannot say this is nonsense. We just have to accept it. -Turning people into trees. How did he do that? Well, it’s symbolism for when the show began by cutting down a tree. It makes perfect sense. -Turning dragons to babies. How did he do that? Well, both dragons and babies have the letter A in then, so he just changes one to the other by being so similar. It’s excused. -Sprouting wings so he can fly. How did he do that? Well, it has been explained in a boring long infodump somewhere thus you are not allowed to dislike it just because you weren’t paying attention and you don’t understand what is going on.-Healing everyone by creating a magic rain. How did he do that? The same way he freezes armies, summons ghosts, and transforms stuff to anything he wants. Because he’s Kirito, didn’t you get used to it by now? -Creating a spirit bomb by using telepathy for asking every person on the world to give him their energy. And they do. Right away. Even if they don’t know him or were fighting against him just moments ago. And it only takes him about 3 seconds. How did he do that? Something-something videogames. -Taking every single person outside of the game. Including NPCs who don’t even have a body. How did he do that? Use your imagination! Why do you want an explanation for everything?Then he takes his no1 waifu to his arms and flies away. Because why not? That’s what all gamers who identify with him want to do. But don’t worry, the show is a harem so he still goes and saves his secondary cumbuckets soon afterwards. So as you see SAO is no longer a power fantasy. It’s well written, it’s deep, and anyone who didn’t have the patience to watch all these seasons until it gets good, he didn’t give it a chance. After all, it’s not like Kirito can do anything he wants. After the final battle he gets stuck in the videogame for centuries and can’t come out… Although he is stronger than the gods and can do whatever he likes thanks to the brilliantly thought out videogame mechanic of getting what you want just because you want it. This shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. There are no stakes The tension is supposed to be really high because Kirito is out of commission, therefore nobody is safe. Without Kirito to save them, the characters have to struggle and they lose in many cases. Too bad nobody can die. The faceless denizens of the world are not even real, and the faceless gamers who are real can only lose their avatar. I am shaking in excitement. You don’t even get to see them fighting much, because over half the duration of the fights is skipped and all we see is people sitting down and talking about boring shit nobody cares about. Because why bother showing it when you can say it and be done with it? It saves you the budget and the idiots who like videogames are going to be jerking off to the terminology. Agro DPS, macro level up drop rate. This is so deep!It’s especially laughable when in one scene the bad guy infodumps his entire evil plan for no reason other than Kawahara Reki not knowing how to show it in the plot. He just gave the bad guy a one dimensional rapist face, had him talking for five minutes, and called it a day. And the funny part is, it doesn’t matter what he’s talking about. His plan doesn’t matter, the justification of his actions doesn’t matter, and his personality doesn’t matter either. When you are shown a quick flashback to how he was the tentacle monster who molested Asuna during the worst arc in the series, do you give a fuck anymore? There is no debate, there is no theme exploration, you just want to see him getting beaten just like the previous one dimensional rapist bad guys. And that is how SAO finally got good. Past villains become heroes without actually doing something to prove it The show wants us to believe that the villain of the first arc of Alicization is a good person after she became a ghost, despite spending the entire first season in being a one dimensional naked evil slut who planned to consume the souls of countless people for her pleasure. Then the ghost of Kayaba magically appears inside a robot and everybody acts as if the guy who killed thousands of people for no reason was actually a hero. The world building is still crap The Laughing Coffin is back. Why are these mass murderers not in prison after all the shit they have done in every arc so far? Don’t ask questions; just consume SAO now that it finally got good, by keep using the same villains who shouldn’t be here anymore. The show is about exploring societies in videogames, so don’t nitpick it by expecting to show the real world. Things like police and common sense do not exist because they are not about videogames. The edge is over the top The leader of the Laughing Coffin hates Japan because his daddy wasn’t paying attention to him. For that reason he decides to murder all Japanese people, and he begins by entering the original SAO where you die in that game. And to be clear he goes in after he knows that, meaning he willingly trapped himself inside a death game for the sole purpose of murdering Japanese people because his daddy didn’t pay attention to him. Inside the game he creates mass murderers whose sole purpose of existing is murdering Japanese players. How does he create mass murderers? The same way everything works in videogames. By wanting it. He wanted a magic spell that brainwashes them into becoming mindless killing machines and he got it. That’s how SAO works. And that is how Kawahara writes his villains. As one dimensional mass murdering rapists with daddy issues who want to murder millions with brainwashing magic that he presents as videogame logic. And to think there are still people who would love to be trapped inside SAO. A death game where out of nowhere someone can brainwash you into becoming a mass murderer, or where you can be killed by your best friend because of very well explained videogame terminology. By the way, he doesn’t kill Kirito-sama while he is a vegetable, because he is completely gay for him and willing to murder every single person in the world just for waking him up. What more evidence do you want of this stupid show being an empowerment fantasy? The main bad guy idolizes the self insert. Talk about ego stroke. By the way, he’s holding a weapon that gets weaker the more he uses it on monsters and stronger the more he uses it on real people. This is an actual weapon Kayaba made back in the original Sword Art Online. A weapon specifically designed for killing real people and not the monsters that you have to defeat in order to escape from the death game you are trapped in. And yet everybody calls Kayaba a real hero! The very person who murdered thousands of people for no reason and created weapons that are meant to be used on real people. How insane does someone need to be for calling such person a hero?And you know what’s even more fucked up that even that? Kirito having a montage of all the edgy bullshit he did throughout the seasons shredding his chest open with his bare arms, and then chopping off his own heart. What kind of a sick mind would write such a thing? I bet one who things goreporn is the pinnacle of maturity. You want people to say your show is deep? Make it as edgy as possible. Have one dimensional rapists and people chopping off their own hearts. That’s what mature anime are all about and why Kawahara really improved his writing. Ghosts are cheap resolutions Pretty much any dead character can appear as a ghost at any moment, for doing something crazy that will change the plot in any way the author wants it. These ghosts just appear whenever the situation is dire and offer power ups or defeat the bad guys for the heck of it. There is no in-series explanation for how they are able to do it, other than they are ghosts in the machine and cheap fixes to any problem the author can’t solve in any other way. There is no explanation for all the absurd things that are going on in the videogame The fans insist that everything is explained and that there are no asspulls. Which is why everyone working on the videogame and who are supposed to know everything about it, look at the ghosts and go ‘wtf is going on, it’s just a videogame, ghosts have nothing to do with science’. But I am sure the fanboys are going to say it’s not ghosts, it’s programs that Kayaba wrote while he was still alive, and secretly uploaded into the videogame so they can appear whenever it suits the plot. And yet not even the ones explaining the game understand what is going on, despite having the coding of the game right in front of them. Then out of nowhere people who die in the videogame also die in real life, which is not what we were told. This is not the original videogame where you can die. And yet they die, because ghosts appear and take their souls to hell. I know you will say, it’s just Kayaba again as a secret program that conveniently appeared because plot. Even if it is, there is no helmet that fries your brain. That’s how people were dying in the first game, with a helmet, not with a ghost, and there is no such thing here. But no, the fanboys are going to say it has been explained because we have seen ghosts and people dying in videogames before. And they infodumped a lot of shit, which means it’s all science and not magic, it makes sense and therefore you have to like it. It makes so much sense to the point not even the ones programming the game understand what is going on, despite constantly infodumping shit, but it makes sense and have to like it. SAO finally got good as we’ve been telling you all along! The epilogue is trash Kirito and Asuna get trapped in the videogame for centuries, which would be an opportunity to finally show what it’s like to form societies in a virtual world. Remember when the premise of the show was all about that and it skipped everything? Well not anymore because Kawahara is now an amazing writer and he will not skip centuries of world building. He will show us everything… Just kidding. They skipped everything. We don’t see shit regarding Kirito and Asuna forming societies. They just wake up after it’s all over. Because Kawahara really improved his writing.Meanwhile, Alice is now a robot in the real world. With mambo jumbo technology she has an actual body and is fighting for the rights of AIs. You know, to be treated like real people who deserve respect. And she proves that by stripping and mailing herself to Kirito, thus literally objectifying herself by treating her body as a sex doll. And I know what some of you might think. She is not in love with Kirito like every other girl in the show and she will not enter his harem. She is after all fighting for the rights of AIs. Why would she treat her body as a sex doll? There is absolutely nothing like that happening... And then she spends most of the final episode in being a typical harem bimbo. Anyways, Kirito asks from his parents to continue his studies on videogames and they agree. Why wouldn’t they? It’s not like he has been trapped in death games, fell in coma numerous times, dealt with rapists who murdered thousands of people, and is now centuries old because of them. Sure thing son, carry on with your videogames. We really care about your wellbeing. And then Kirito goes into cyberspace and becomes space Jesus, flying in the vacuum and easily defeating mythic space horrors with his amazing multiversal powers, thus proving once again why he is not overpowered as many haters were claiming. They explained it. It made sense. There are many more powerful players than him. You are not allowed to dislike it. And that’s it. This was the end. There is no more. This is the end of Sword Art Online and we can finally put this masterpiece of modern storytelling behind us… NOT! They announced the remake of the first arc as soon as this season ended.


Something to Think of ‘Destroy my world? Then what about you, people on the other side? Are you aware of the fact that your world was created by a higher power, and you strive to do only what would please those with higher authority, so they will not reset your world, as well? Of course, you do not. After all, they would create a world, and life for fun, and then erase it all when they have no more use for it. What gives you the right to criticize my choices? Well, I REFUSE! I will not pander to those, who fancy themselves Gods of Creation, or reduce myself groveling, so they will allow me to continue to exist. The only proof of my existence is the control that I exert!’ Just an example of what the previous seasons of Sword Art Online: Alicization were; they had a message, they had its beauty, they were dark and you did not have a second to wink, because there were just so many things going on. But this is not what this review is about. In a nutshell If you hate Sword Art Online series, I will not waste your time any longer. Nothing has changed; I cannot think of a single reason for you to waste even a second of your free time on Sword Art Online: Alicization. For those, who want to take a closer look at Alicization, this review is for you. Sword Art Online: Alicization. Finally! I have been waiting for it, for the final chapter of the battle between the good and the evil that will take place on the internet. Here and there, on the fields of different websites and different anime communities, the fans and the haters of one of the most famous epics about virtual worlds, cross imaginary blades in their furious battles. Sword Art Online is one of these titles that each and every anime fan knows about. It is an open secret that Sword Art Online has been around for not that long, the first volumes of the novel were published somewhere in 2009. Since that time, Sword Art Online has received such an abundance of both negative and positive criticism that it can easily be called one of the most loved and hated titles in the history of the industry. And, if you try to assess Sword Art Online objectively, this is quite deserved, because there are a lot of pros and cons that have already been voiced about that anime. But it is time to forget about the wars between the fans and the haters of Sword Art Online and to take a closer look at the last chapter in the anime Sword Art Online: Alicization. The last page for Sword Art Online: Alicization that many fans had high hopes for. However, has Sword Art Online: Alicization managed to live up to the fans’ expectations? I offer you the opinion of someone, who both hates and loves Sword Art Online; everything after the first arc of the first season of Sword Art Online stopped to be appealing to me long time ago, which resulted in my indifference to the said title. For some reason, however, I gave  Alicization a try. I highly appreciate the fact that Sword Art Online has finally decided to overlook its past mistakes. The problem is that some of these mistakes are still there. Let us see which. Sword Art Online: Alicization Sword Art Online: Alicization is a sequel to the fantasy anime series released by A-1 Pictures in fall of 2018. The storyline is based on the volumes 9-18 of the light novel written by Reki Kawahara. Sword Art Online: Alicization begins after the end of the events featured in Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. The main character, Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as Kirito, still cannot calm down, and continues to participate in testing of the new technologies for full immersion - because they contain so many mysteries and opportunities that can change the fate of the mankind. This time he will have to test the technology of a company that has learned to replicate the most intimate thing in a person - their soul. By placing it in a specially generated world and blocking the memories of the reality, scientists get a previously unthinkable scope for researching the mysteries of the human body. And who, if not Kirito, will be the pioneer of this new technology? But he begins to investigate it under slightly unfavorable circumstances. Finally, having studied the main mysteries of the virtual world, which is nothing more than an incubator for artificial intelligence for yet another useful invention of the humanity: to wage wars, where only AIs will die, Kirito in Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season once again saves the virtual world, as well as tries to prevent those who want to use the newly developed AIs to wage more wars. Indeed, what if not wars bring so much money? They were, they are and they will always be, as long as, we, the humanity, exist. Characters In order to be able to assess Sword Art Online: Alicization, let us take a couple of steps back and remember why the fans love and hate Sword Art Online in general - in particular, the two seasons of the series and the movie. Let us start, of course, with the characters, which have traditionally been one of the weakest features of the series, although the plot really raises many interesting questions for a discussion. One way or another, speaking of the characters, the matter here concerns not only the superficiality and typicality of the characters, but also almost complete absence of their development. So, most of the minor characters in Sword Art Online are active in a couple of episodes at best, but then, if this is a girl, she enters the Kirito’s harem, and if it is a guy, he becomes a friend /friend, who God forbid overshadows our valiant black swordsman Kirito. At a certain moment, every pretentious phrase of any hero can be predicted a few seconds before it is uttered - they are so predictable and boring. Klein, Sinon, Suzuha Keiko and others - they do not look like full-fledged heroes, who would bring an element of depth and variety to Sword Art Online. The most problematic thing for me to mention about this, is of course, the protagonists. Kirito is a typical overpowered hero; his whole harem adores him, because who other than Kirito will save them? It is always Kirito, who saves all, no matter how difficult the situation might be. Asuna is the queen of his harem. And all would be fine, but when they began to play ‘family’ together with an AI girl Yui, I began to completely reject everything that was happening. Schoolchildren living like a mom and a dad with a child is nothing but an extreme degree of absurdity, which I am not able to observe without a facepalm. And then more and more problems are to see: only the needed characters receive a portion of development, pay attention to the word a portion, when other characters act like AIs, waiting for Kirito and Asuna to finally interact with them, so that they can act. And this is painfully boring to observe, easily because of the fact that you get used to a character and you know that after a few episodes/seasons/movies, you will never see them any longer. Regret Thankfully, or so I think, it seems that the writers have finally begun to realize their mistakes. In Sword Art Online: Alicization, the vast majority of useless secondary characters have been thrown into a dusty crate, from which they can only be shown once in a while. The story again focuses on Kirito, who, despite the predictability and excessive pretentiousness, still remains the most balanced character in the series, as well as the new supporting characters who, at least, have many interesting things about them to appreciate, unlike the supporting characters from the previous seasons of Sword Art Online. To my great regret, however, most of the Alicization's characters are forgotten closer to the end of the series, ‘old friends of Kirito’ come back and you start to forget that just recently you changed your mind that Alicization would finally become that Sword Art Online that you would never be afraid to call ‘a masterpiece,’ no matter what, those who dislike it might say. Forget about it. These characters are no more. Almost forgot! Yes, and Asuna finally began to play a more active role, allowing you to show the best traits of her character. Throwing away the worst old Asuna, replacing her with a better one development wise, which is a good thing for those who hardly know anything about the universe of Sword Art Online. Unfortunately, again, Alicization's ending brings even Asuna back to her good old dull and unremarkable personality. After all, why is she needed? There is no need for her development for the plot. Everyone and everything will be saved by Kirito. Just Think for a Second A small digression, not related to the quality component of the title, but only the logic, which Sword Art Online hardly has, or rather it might be something that I still cannot understand, although I saw the first season of Sword Art Online before most of you. Personally, I fail to comprehend the motivation behind the characters' actions. Just imagine - you find yourself locked in the online world for two years, in the world where you can die at any time. All this time, in reality, you are lying around in a vegetable-like-state, connected to a life support system, with bedsores, muscle dystrophy and other delights of a coma. And now, by some miraculous coincidence, you still get out of this hell. Life is slowly beginning to improve. You fell behind the school curriculum /were fired from your job/lost a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but, fortunately, the government provides support for the gamers that need rehabilitation for them to finally return to their usual life. What will ANY normal and, of course, sane person do? I think they will live a normal life and will try to correct the mistakes of the past, the main one of them being the pre-order of a helmet that burned the brains of several thousand gamers. And certainly such a person will not touch virtual reality technology anymore. What do the Sword Art Online characters do, in particular Kirito and Asuna? They continue to play other games that are supposed to be not as dangerous as the game that we all know about.  I do not know about you, but I cannot call such a behavior adequate. Moreover, Asuna manages to repeatedly mention that she does not blame the creator of Sword Art Online - Kayaba Akihiko - for killing several thousand people; all because she met Kirito in the game. Well-adjusted priorities are immediately visible, right? And Kirito is risking his life for the fourth time, plunging into another virtual world to save the real world. This is more reminiscent of gambling addiction, rather than any normal interest. With that being said, Sword Art Online characters are a weird bunch. And because of that you might see more people that will no longer be able to distinguish between the reality and games. And maybe, or rather, most likely, someone who adores Sword Art Online, following the example of their famous male protagonist Kirito, when some hooligans attack him and his girlfriend, will try to get their imaginary sword, just like what Kirito-kun did. Thankfully I Gave Alicization a Try The first arc of Sword Art Online: Alicization left a very positive impression, at least I think so. After all, the fans call Alicization the most interesting light novel volumes. The viewer yet again, as at the very beginning of the first season, has to learn together with Kirito an unfamiliar world, working according to the quite definite, but rather weird laws. And when you reveal more of the secrets of this world, then the first feeling that you experience might be nothing other than fear. Of course, if you try even a little bit to consider the plot of Alicization and turn on your gray matter, at least 2% more than from its usual capacity, you will understand that there are many things to touch upon, from science and philosophy to nothing other than moral.  Indeed, the world is developing very rapidly. Not long ago, games were ridiculous and simple, now they can stir up the minds of many. Virtual reality is terrible today and hardly has the resources to call it a ‘reality.’ However, after a while, something similar to the plot of Alicization is very probable to happen. Obviously, science will come to this, you cannot argue with that. But the question, which cannot be answered yet is, when is it going to become a reality? To this question, alas, no one will give you an answer. Returning to the world of Alicization, we do not know what will happen if Kirito dies. It is unknown what will happen to the other characters, if they die. This is exactly what added that dark atmosphere of the unknown to the first arc of Sword Art Online Alicization. Regrettably, I appreciate the fact that Alicization gave the viewers many things to reconsider. However, this is the exact reason for Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season to fail so miserably. Sword Art Online: Alicization brings a much-needed element of intrigue back, you do not know what might happen in a minute and this feeling is simply AWESOME. And, like I have already said many times, Alicization finally touched upon some very important things to discuss and for the viewer to think about.  Is the soul real? No one knows. Whatever the soul is, its existence cannot be proved, or disproved by natural science. There should be a completely new theory, or a method that contradicts everything that we know about science for us to find it out. Sooner or later, however, the secret will be uncovered. Then comes the next question. Okay, in the world of Sword Art Online, the soul does exist. Then, the next question is, is it ethical? What soul is real and what not? Moreover, they, the developers of the Soul Translator, later on want to use these AIs to manufacture soldiers that do not need to eat and are not even humans in the first place. Wet dreams of war fanatics. And many many more; you can easily make this list endless. Here is a thing for you to read, google ‘quantum brain dynamics.’ Of course, only if you think that all what I am talking about is nothing but some fairytale. Nothing Changed On the one hand, Sword Art Online: Alicization changed a great number of flaws that Sword Art Online always had. On the other hand, many of these flaws return in Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season. It all feels as if the developers did not know what to do. At first you see hardly any epic battles, they return near the end of the last episode. The first season and later episodes had some philosophy about them and then the last season easily destroys it, when Kirito friends: cat girls and elves and other creatures are finally back, and this whole dark and gloomy world of Alicization is no more. All the characters that you tried to understand, they are no longer the main focus of the series. In Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season, just like in any other Sword Art Online, when supporting characters are no longer needed, Kirito The Almighty returns and overshadows them all, single-handedly slashing all the bad guys, so that he can return to his old harem. Although, a moment ago he lived in another world, had different friends, aims and everything. At least show a bit of regret? You could have died any second and you used to live in this completely different world, you used to regard this world as your new daily life, your new reality. Art/OST/Voice Acting Art wise, thankfully, I can save my salt. I have always loved the gorgeous animation of Sword Art Online. Firstly, it is the characters design, because the way clothes and hair of characters look will make many artists envious. Secondly, it is high detalization of background images. Thirdly, it is a competent selection of colors, which allow to fully appreciate the atmosphere of the game world. And finally, it is perfectly animated action scenes. Sword Art Online: Alicization follows the footsteps of its predecessors, and continues to maintain a high standard of graphics. I am glad that the artists of A-1 Pictures keep up with the times. However, you do not expect anything less from such a large studio - too often it spoils the viewer with an outstanding picture. You get used to good things. Music wise, the well-known and experienced Yuki Kajiura performed as a composer, just like in the previous seasons. It is a no secret that the musical accompaniment has always remained one of the strongest features of the series, and in case of Sword Art Online: Alicization, the positive trend has continued. The soundtrack is really strong, atmospheric and varied. And the overall work sound wise deserves nothing but respect: wind noises, footsteps, echoes and every single detail in the anime were not forgotten. So the background music and sounds for the new season of Sword Art Online are on the level. The same goes for both opening with ending themes and, of course, the best thing about all this is the voice acting. Score Sword Art Online: Alicization 10/10; Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 9/10; Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 8/10. Conclusion You know, nothing changed, if you think for a second. Those who hate Sword Art Online, will continue to hate it. The fans will continue to love their favorite series. And nothing can be done about it. I prefer to be on the neutral side, amused by one-sided arguments from both of the sides that sometimes do not make any sense. I am one of them, I loved the first arc of the first season of Sword Art Online and then I did not find the series to my liking. And if you want to hear my unbiased opinion, I will gladly tell you that Sword Art Online: Alicization is a step in the right direction. However, this is hardly the right step, because what Sword Art Online: Alicization, Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld were trying to build, was destroyed in Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2. The heroes you were trying to get used to, understand, quickly faded into the nothingness so that the savior of Kirito, a favorite of many, who quickly gets new power-ups and destroys everyone and everything, returns. Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 quickly destroyed all the uncertainty, some kind of a terrible atmosphere of hopelessness, if you imagine for a second that if someone copies your ‘I’ and you wake up in a world that can be your new reality. A game developer, who goes crazy and wants to do something like Sword Art Online is also a reality that is highly possible in the future. Anyways, enough already. Sword Art Online: Alicization, Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld did simply brilliant job. And because of that I will give the final season an 8/10. Although, I am not going to lie, I wanted to give it a 4/10, so that everyone will agree with me and, yes, I am SOMEWHAT disappointed. After all, it is so easy to criticize something, instead of giving it a chance and trying to understand the main idea, the message. Sword Art Online: Alicization was an amazing ride that I will never forget. Regrettably, the last season could have done things better, but it cannot be helped. Only because of how amazing Sword Art Online: Alicization and Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld were, I would give the series 4 extra points and rate in an 8/10, instead of a 4/10. Last thing I want you to understand, if you are a fan of Sword Art Online, keep enjoying your favorite anime and do not listen to what other critics, with their spoiled taste and pursuit for likes, are trying to prove to you. Do things you like and watch things you like, it does not matter how other people assess your favorite anime. If you are a SAO hater. It is not that something has changed about Sword Art Online. Although, it is clear that Alicization is trying to make Sword Art Online better (If you remember the previous seasons. Alicization did help Sword Art Online to become something more than just an average isekai)and just because of the desire for Sword Art Online to improve and become better, I will give Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 an 8/10. Sword Art Online Alicization is one of the most epic journeys to the world of Virtual Reality, I have ever had. 

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