Sweet Punishment: I'm the Guard's Personal Pet

Alt title: Amai Choupatsu: Watashi wa Kanshuu Senyou Pet

TV (13 eps x 5 min)
2.79 out of 5 from 1,435 votes
Rank #17,037

"You're dripping wet down here... Is the pat-down turning you on?" It's not as if Hina wants to come, but her body just does it on its own... She's going crazy... Hina is locked up in prison after being framed for a crime she didn't commit. There, the cold and cruel warden, Aki Myojin, awaits her and dominates her... At the mercy of his delicate touch and ravishing tongue, she's nothing but his plaything... In the examination room, her cell, and even in the visiting room, with her lover there... Bit by bit, her body is disciplined to become dirtier and dirtier... "Someone help! I don't wanna come any more...!"

Source: Renta!

This anime has two different versions: the "broadcast" version, a censored cut broadcast on TV, and a extended "premium" version distributed online which features explicit sex.

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NO SPOILER REVIEW !!! I only watched up till episode 4. The episodes are really short, usually 4 minutes each. The story is fairly dull in the 4 episodes I watched. They seemed to kind of follow one but it's eh... It's quite clear the focus is on one thing only. There is no real build-up to any moments, and hardly any interaction with other characters. Some moments are rather abrupt and random as well. There is also no character development or motive. Some scenes in the animation came off a bit awkward.  The voice acting, however, is alright, not bad, but not amazing, it's just mediocre. It mostly is a degrading sort of watch so just be aware, there is no cutesy love or romance. Story: She is being accused of stealing, however continues to argue she's innocent but doesn't seem to make an effort to prove that she is. She's apparently in love with another guy but during their visits (ignoring the fact the Warden is also with her in the visitor room doing questionable things while somehow not being spotted) it just doesn't seem like the woman is really in love with her guy though. Animation: It's alright, a few scenes it can look a bit off but overall it's fine Sound: Sounds alright, decent voice acting, sounds, etc. Characters: The characters are pretty personalities, at least for me. The woman has no real backstory besides something she briefly says about her parents being in an accident a while ago, however, this doesn't have anything to do with the current story (doesn't go any further than that in the 4 episodes I watched) The lover has no backstory The warden has a very limited side story type thing, no backstory Overall: It's....fine. Not something for me, but if this is something you'd be interested in, give it a shot! The episodes are rather short so if you're just looking for something to binge fast this'll be quick!

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