Suteki Tantei Labyrinth

Alt title: Fantastic Detective Labyrinth

TV (25 eps)
2007 - 2008
Fall 2007
3.135 out of 5 from 492 votes
Rank #13,884

Thirty years ago, Tokyo was destroyed in a massive earthquake known as The Great Fall. Today, the remains of the dead wasteland stand as the city of Kyuto, which is inhabited by few. In this city lives the head of the Hyuuga family, twelve-year-old Mayuki, who is able to understand the world around him with the help of extrasensory abilities. Along with Minori and the twins Kouta and Rakuta, Mayuki will solve the strange events taking place in the city; but who are the nefarious forces that are running the show?

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Mayuki is an honest young boy who loves tea and is oblivious to the fact his butler has a secret life controlling dolls to protect him from evil behind the scenes - sounds like a bizarre and mediocre story, but it's not, really... Follow Mayuki as he helps solve phantom cases, murders and kidnappings that people can't explain... and that Mayuki feels are somehow connected. The plot may be simple and repetitive for a while, but that time is used to develop the world and characters and I never felt bored or like I was watching filler. There's enough action, mystery and drama happening in each episode to keep you hooked. As Mayuki makes friends you become more attached to him but danger seems to follow his every move, and soon he realises what is going on and that he's responsible for endangering his friends. More and more depth to his life and past are presented as the show progresses, and I would say it is written quite well. However, it's not perfect. The issue with this anime is it does little to explain some major elements of the story, or they feel like they are just being thrown at you (these are hard to name without spoiling but you'd know what I'm talking about if you watch this). Simple questions of why is this villian even doing this? aren't explained till near the end, and then with no much more reasoning than answers like because I want to be a god, muahaha! Die. The ending is just as unclear and conflicting... Overall, I wasn't bored by this anime and I liked it's charcters, and though the plot was simple to start it got better and deeper later on. There are probably better crime-solving shows out there, and that is really not the main focus of the show, but here's one with some unique twists like devine powers in the hands of a cute twelve yearold and an almost post-apocalyptic city setting. It's worth the try but also worth the drop if you don't get into it a few episodes in.

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