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Journey down the backroads of America with brothers Sam and Dean as they search for clues to their father's disappearance, hunt down the supernatural in all its unearthly forms, and enter into the unexpected mystery of their destinies.

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I am a big supernatural fan, for a long time it was actually my nr.1 show so when I saw this I was like " OMG, Supernatural anime ? with the rich universe this can really be something great, I really must see this ooo yeah.. wait, this can't be true, might as well go wash my face cause I might be seeing things, this has got to be too good to be true right ? it must be a dream .."And unfortunately   it was a nightmare, like all nightmare you don't know you're in it until it's too late because at first it seems like a nice dream but sadly no.. Supernatural anime and keep in mind I dropped it after the first 4 episodes so I can't speak for the rest of the series is really bad.First of all whyyy, and I really must emphasize this WHY ? why, if you have so many possibilities with a universe so diverse like supernatural would you be satisfied with doing the same damn episodes as the tv show, why would you go about doing the same damn episodes and doing them far worse at that, what's the point  ? The episodes are much shorter so a lot of the drama, buildup and character development is cut, obviously even the drama present doesn't have the same impact since it is anime and god the voice actors don't help either. And to top it off, the episodes aren't even in order so there isn't even a story arc or anything it's just one big bloody mess, and bloody it is cause that's one of the things they did right .. one of the few ..The art is fine for the most part and the animation is ok but the main characters look nothing like the actors, now I get this is anime and it isn't going to look the same but still.. if you showed me a screenshot of the Dean and Sam from the anime without me knowing what it's from I would never in a million years know it's Dean and Sam.The sound isn't all that bad but the voice actors that do the brothers sound nothing like them and I understand it to a point since it is japanese but still.. why not just take the original actors voices and do it in fucking english, it takes part in the US so why not ? and if not at least get someone that sounds more like them. They also butchered the main song, the band that sings it does a fairly good job but damn does the japanese accent show :(The characters are under developed and over exaggerated  . What ? you wanted more from 4 episodes ?There is no point in watching this, just go watch the original show, it's 10 times better, if you're japanese and don't know english then get japanese subtitles and watch the original tv show, this is just a bad copy of it, there is no effort put in this and not only does it not add much but it takes out a lot, the story also isn't present .. at all and there's just no reason to watch this poor excuse for an anime.


I marvel over this series as being perhaps the first and only series I have yet seen made as anime and probably in Japan that actually reflects another culture entirely without hyping their own in some significant way with respect to one or more major characters.  All the characters, at least in the dub have actual American names.  The characters look western or American.  Even the theme music is classic American rock.  This is more than a rare find and is almost miraculous how at least one anime can show everything isn't about Japan or some anime cliche.  The characters are primarily older as in beyond college grads.  I have yet to see any overly underage lolitas in military positions wearing school girl outfits or some other boring well over used cliche.  I give it high marks because by nature it simply stands out way beyond the standard fair and beyond any of the usual cliches.  It is something to be applauded.  Not only is it not a some standard template formula but it has an air of reflecting off classic horror and supernatural movie and tv show elements such as: Fred Astaire's Ghost movie from 1981; X-Files; John Carpenter movies; and even some of the odd ball 70's classic horror films.  It is not overly pushy with it's horror stories either which is also quite refreshing.  There is no sense of 'in your face' beligerence as often seen in other similar anime.  None of the main characters are OP.  Everything about this series goes outside the norms of anime and the result is a more classical feeling story centric genuine horror/supernatural setting story. Finally, someone in the anime world paid attention to what tends to spoil or ruin most anime shows by being a simple boring template or overly pushing Japanese culture even if the story they tell has absolutely nothing to do with Japan.  I have to give something of an above the average high praise just for that style and breaking off from the standard.  It might not be perfect in every sense but they do a pretty good job of creating a brotherly bonded relationship between the main characters.  The stories almost follow a similar pattern to the Hell Girl anime series but unlike Hell Girl, you actually see the main characters significantly in every episode and get to watch them develop as characters.

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