Super Mobile Legend Dinagiga

OVA (2 eps)
1.933 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #9,152

Touno Hikari, Inamura Airi, Unazuki Nao, Marie Vlaanderan, Tanakura Masao and Izumizaki Nana are six would-be pilots attending the robot training institute in Hokkaido. With the goal of gaining a robot license, the competition is fierce and the training is grueling in all kinds of weather conditions. But amidst the lighthearted teamwork, a great danger approaches Earth, and only the secret mecha Dinagiga and its x-genes-wielding pilots can destroy it! Only one question remains... who will be the pilot?!

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sothis Oct 2, 2004
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Remember when you were a kid and went to a fast food restaurant, and saw the extremely tasty looking hamburger on the menu? The lettuce looked crisp, the tomatoes firm and juicy, the burger tastily prepared and done to just the right consistency, and sauce seeping from the fluffy golden bun. Then remember when you actually got the hamburger? The crisp lettuce was actually a limp piece of puke green... read more



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