Super Mario Brothers: Peach-hime Kyuushutsu Dai Sakusen

Alt title: Super Mario Brothers: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach

Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
2.717 out of 5 from 501 votes
Rank #17,321

As Mario is playing a late-night video game, the in-game character Princess Peach suddenly emerges from his TV set! Then, in the midst of the confusion, another invader from the game world follows: the evil Bowser, who quickly steals Peach away and returns from whence he came. After a series of events Mario and Luigi soon find their way to the Mushroom Kingdom for the adventure of a lifetime. With Hammer Bros and Piranha Plants around every corner, the duo must now find the Princess before Bowser takes her as his bride – and to do so they first must find three legendary items: the Mushroom of Strength, the Flower of Courage, and the Star of Invincibility.

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