Super Lovers 2

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Super Lovers 2

After leaving Canada to move in with Haru, Rei was finally getting used to living as the youngest of four brothers, and Haru's new café was beginning to thrive... when their mother, Haruko, showed up and said she was taking Rei with her to Switzerland! The shock of her sudden declaration just when Haru and Rei had begun to grow closer led to increasing discord between them. Is more trouble on the horizon?!

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If you liked Super Lovers 1, my suggestion is to go on and watch this second season as it's pretty much in line with the first. I maybe even liked it more. If you haven't seen the first, I don't think there's much point in watching this as it is the continuation of a story that was introduced in the initial anime. Same goes if, on the contrary, you were put off by Ren and Haru's relationship and especially Ren's age in the first season, don't even try watching this as you'll just get more of the same. It's shounen-ai and Ren is really young. I reviewed the first season too, so if you're interested you can check it out. The story, as already said, is the development and continuation of Ren and Haru's relationship. At the beginning, as you can read in the synopsis, Haruka arrives in Japan intent on taking Ren with her to Switzerland, but it's really a no brainer and there isn't even much drama connected to it as Ren has no intention of leaving Haru. Haru manages the café, Shima and Aki occasionally help, Ren has his summer holidays and tries doing some part-time jobs to earn some money. Some new characters get introduced, like Natsu and a couple of other less relevant side characters. In this time span, between the coming and going of Haruka and then the showing up of Natsu, there's space for misunderstandings to arise and then pan out as Ren, in his quest to get ever closer to Haru, starts asking questions about sex and homosexual relationships. In the first season, I was disappointed by the development of Haru's character as he had got off to a great start but then became increasingly superficial. Now he recovers somewhat and we get a deeper insight in his motivations and emotions. But this season is mostly about Ren and his feelings; and I do think that this aspect is built up, developed and, in general, portrayed quite well. I still think that Aki and Shima are great comic characters, but in this respect they probably shined more in the first season. We do see more of Haruka, which I liked a lot in the first season, too.  Sound and animation are consistent with the first season. Overall, I think this is a good anime if you like the genre. I marathoned it - not a great feat because it's only ten episodes - and I would have happily watched more. 

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