Super Kid

OVA (1 ep x 115 min)
1.901 out of 5 from 78 votes
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Super Kid

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DISCLAIMER: I watched the Dubbed Version so this review will include my take on the English voices and sounds. Also this will get SPOILERISH. -x-X-x All right, this anime starts off with a hyped up preview introduction to the world, main characters - villains and Super Kids - and what’s going to happen. Good versus evil. The most basic plot ever. The visuals for the time, late 1990’s, are pretty basic and serve to show the different characters in this world while an energetic narration easily pulls viewers in. Not a lot of attention really needs to be paid to the screen to understand what is going on so young minds and bodies that don’t focus well [can’t sit still] for approximately two hours are a fine audience for this anime. Pretty much everything of importance is conveyed through the dialogue and most on screen writing has been translated to English so there’s very little concern about what something says. Gokdari is the good guy and the leader of the Super Kids who are asked by the mayor to defend their planet and life as they know it from villainy. Though everyone but Gokdari is afraid to fight he rallies them quickly into agreeing to fight an all-out battle for peace. Traveling through space they arrive on a planet in search of someone… I’ll pull back from typing the story here and focus on other stuff now, you’ve got the idea of what this anime is about. Various alien creatures make an appearance from ant-like, octopus-like, plant-like, rock-like,, Simpson-esque looking beings, etc. The representation of different people being treated in regards to their actions (good or bad) instead of their appearance or planet of origin might not be picked up on by young minds but it is there nonetheless. Powers include but are not limited to magical/(possibly created by science) Golden staff, flying, hovering, telekinesis, lazer-beams shot from fingertips, and scratch attacks. The range of different abilities possessed by the characters is diverse enough to be appealing and probably has some viewers wishing for at least one if not more of them for themselves. For young viewers having kids be the main characters who fight against evil, are looked at with respect by adults, and are turned to in times of trouble is especially appealing. Though some lines could have had a bit more umph to them, over all the English cast seemed to really be into their roles. The almost absence of lackluster line reading that sometimes occurs in English dubbing was a pleasant surprise; however matching flaps doesn’t seem to have been all that important to them. The main villain’s line reading and computer tweaked voice is comedic as villains in children shows often are and serves to generate laughs pretty much everytime he says or responds to anything. Whether he’s giving away his master plan or responding to an attack his voice is hilarious. [There is a Gollum-eque vibe here that personally I think may have inspired Andy Serkis.] The ending is sweet and comical, a very fitting conclusion for the defenders of space. This show is what it says its going to be in the first five minutes: a mix of fantasy and science fiction with crime-fighting action, alien creatures and superhuman abilities that can capture viewers attention, regardless of their age.

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