Super Cub

TV (11+ eps)
2021 - ?
Spring 2021
3.954 out of 5 from 431 votes
Rank #1,790
Super Cub

Koguma is a high school girl in Yamanashi. She has no parents, friends, or hobbies, and her daily life is empty. One day, Koguma gets a used Honda Super Cub motorcycle. This is her first time going to school on a motorcycle. Running out of gas and hitting detours become a small source of adventure in Koguma's life. She is satisfied with this strange transformation, but her classmate Reiko ends up talking to her about how she also goes to school by motorcycle. One Super Cub begins to open up a lonely girl's world, introducing her to a new everyday life and friendship.

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Sometimes it takes but a one thing to see the world differently. Super Cub revolves around a high school student named Koguma. She has absolutely nothing in her life: her father is dead, her mother abandoned her for no reason, she has no hobbies, no friends and there is nothing for her to appreciate in life. This changes, however, when, one day, on her way to school, she dreams of buying a scooter, which will make her life much easier. Upon arriving to a shop, she finds out that her dream is not that easy to achieve, since a new scooter costs way too much for her to afford. However, the shop owner agrees to sell her a used one only for 10,000 yen. Thanks to her new buy, her life now changes greatly, and she is finally able to see the beauty of life. You know, nowadays, it is somewhat problematic, perhaps near impossible to find a good and enjoyable slice of life. It is a real pity that the industry is trying to neglect this genre more and more. Truly, nowadays this genre is neglected and it is quite a challenge to find a good slice of life anime, because it is one of these genres that are also very demanding. One misstep and it becomes boring. Who would want to watch something that people can see in their lives every day? Right, this would just be some mediocre slice of life that hardly anyone will watch, hence a good slice of life is to have an idea, a message about it. And this is why Super Cub is that enjoyable to watch, because it shows you that one small thing can change your life and help you see it differently. Koguma is a girl with literally nothing in her life. One day, she decided to buy a scooter, only to make her life easier. This makes sense, but she could have never imagined that this one buy can change her life like that. Obviously, with a scooter she can travel further, discover new places and appreciate live. Koguma, a girl who does not even have friends, yet, thanks to her buy she finds out that one of her classmates also has a scooter and actually a huge fan of them. So Koguma is not lonely anymore and the story of the anime begins.   All in all, it is not a ‘cute girls do cute things’ type of slice of life anime, this anime actually has a great OST and a story with a very solid message in it. Yes, the animation might look weird at first, but if you are a fan of slice of life, you should give this anime a try; it is really worth it. After watching Super Cub, I am not afraid to say that good slice of life anime is still there. #SoLMasterRace

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