Summer Days with Coo

Alt title: Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi

Movie (1 ep x 138 min)
3.957 out of 5 from 641 votes
Rank #1,485

One day, Uehara Kouichi digs up a stone by the side of a river, and when it breaks in half he finds a fossil inside - or so he thinks. The fossil is actually a Kappa that was trapped in the earth hundreds of years ago; it is revived when Kouichi washes the stone. When his family allows Kouichi to keep the Kappa, much to his bratty little sister’s annoyance, he affectionately names it Coo. But even though the Uehara family helps Coo regain his strength, and even battle him in an odd sumo match, Coo longs to find more of his kind. However, after following a few leads on where they may find more Kappas, Coo becomes the centre of a media storm, turning his life upside down. Will Coo ever be able to escape the constant hounding of the press, and can he find his place in this new world?

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GuardianEnzo Jun 7, 2011
Score 8/10

I suppose I went at Keiichi Hara backwards. I started with his most recent work, 2010's Colorful. That was what piqued my interest in his 2007 film Summer Days With Coo. And I haven't even dipped my toe into his large cache of Doraemon and Shin-Chan... read more



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