Sugar Sugar Rune

TV (51 eps x 24 min)
2005 - 2006
Summer 2005
3.601 out of 5 from 1,598 votes
Rank #2,833

Chocola is an extrovert and an assertive girl, while her friend Vanilla is extremely shy and hesitant; together, they both come from the Magical Kingdom and are the next candidates in line for the throne. In order to qualify to be the Queen, Chocola and Vanilla are sent to the Human World to improve their magic; the assessment is based on capturing the most 'hearts' of the people in the Human World. Chocola's upfront behavior was popular in the Magical Kingdom, but in the Human World, people prefer the personality of her newly formed rival, Vanilla. Now, Chocola must work extra hard to live up to her mother's failure -- all while repressing her desire to whup everyone's butt!

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LadyFate Feb 1, 2011
Score 5.5/10

It is a bit difficult to review this anime because on the one hand, it has a nice story, but on the other, it takes forever to get to the actual plot. If you are in the mood for a girly, plot-less anime to drain your mind of the stresses of the real world- this anime is for you. Before you decide there is no point to watching this, let me break things down for you. This anime might be a keeper for... read more

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