Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: Part II

TV (12 eps)
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This was all a big disappointment to me.  The characters constantly allow bad events to take place that were preventable.  I do not understand the concept of letting bad people go who commit crimes or try to kill you or actually kill others.  This reminds me of California where I have lived most of my life. *****SPOILERS***** The kingdom is bad (supports slavery), Jonas should have been killed MANY times for stealing Anne's work, sugar,  Anne's Mom's receipies, to sending wolves he was sure would kill her, to taking the wing of Mithril and using it to force Anne to tell Challe to leave her forever, etc etc, the guy should DIE.  Radcliffe school cheats, lies, steals, and tried to maim/mutilate/destroy Anne's hands and they should be in prison and all their assets seized and the  school shut down.  Gladus the mass murderer and the other fairies who where going around killing humans should die, especially Gladus who killed for pleasure.  Anne was naive and a fool constantly ignoring common sense and preventing Challe to kill people that would stop the problems later such as with Jonas or the Radcliffe school scumbags or with other bad guys.  So much could have been prevented by killing the bad people/fairies before they had a chance to do further bad actions.  Challe should have just gone ahead and done what was just and right instead of giving in to Anne's stupidity.  I understand the 1st season and all the problems and mishaps building up the storyline, but then to let everyone bad get away with it and cause tremendous harm is ridiculous in the second season.  There were so many garbage people in this (Bridget, Elliot, Alph, Hugh, etc) that only thought of themselves and used and manipulated and harmed those around them.  Only side characters besides Challe seemed to be good such at the Paige school workers except Elliot, Noah and Herbert (too bad Herbert's family faction did not win and the current royals were taken out of the picture then the slavery probably would have stopped) seemed like a kind and considerate fairy/human.   The second season was just a lot of frustration to me, bad people get away with whatever, and everyone else pays a price for it.  

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