Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

TV (12 eps)
3.855 out of 5 from 2,000 votes
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Anne Halford is on her way to fulfill her dream of becoming a confectionary artisan, a Silver Sugar Master—however, the road to her destination is filled with a world of danger. To protect herself, she reluctantly buys Challe, a fairy forced into a life of servitude, but she seeks friendship more than a lackey. Torn between his freedom and her needs, she must confront what the sweet life is worth.

Source: Crunchyroll

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***No Spoilers*** I really liked the character of the two MC's. Challe has a tough demeanor that's rough around the edges with a horrible attitude and is very pessimistic, but its all to hide his pain and his underling kindness. Anne is really naive, but is just a overall nice and pleasant person that's super determined and works really hard towards her goals. The two of them end up fitting really well together and have a interesting dynamic in their relationship during the show. You see Challe's outward demeanor being changed to his softer and kinder interior as Anne slowly pulls it out of him with her determination and overall kindness and naivete. While he makes her shed some naivete and makes her question her feelings. They really start to bring each other to a almost sort of balance, or its seeming that way. It ends up as a nice relationship with some good interactions and moments, but its a little too rushed at times. The antagonist were the weak part of the show. They tend to be too simplistic and one dimensional with almost a mustache twirling vibe to them. That or the bigger problem was they would contradicted there own actions and/or words at many points in the show making them just horribly design characters. I guess the end one that will carry over into part two might have some promise, but we will have to wait and see in part two. Without a good antagonist in part one though it felt a little empty and dull at times. The premise of the show is really unique, i never really expected to be watching a anime about confection art in a fantasy setting as the main draw. I would suggest that if you are like me and watch a lot of anime that you watch it for that alone, as its something different and unique in that regard. 7/10

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